Dangerous candles

Dangerous candles

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Aroma products can cause respiratory tract and headache

More than 5 more than 5.000 years ago, people came to the idea of using the capillary action of plant fibers in order to feed a flame to feed, in which fat burns so slowly and regularly that they can be transported and use at night or in buildings for artificial light generation. After the use of beeswax instead of creating a light of the slaughter or vegetable fat, which smells significantly less and smells much more pleasant, such beeswax candles were used in religious ceremonies: for Easter and later to celebrate Christ’s birth, for the one in the 4. Century the Mithrase birthday recited.

Stearin and paraffin casks, which were cheap enough to find synonymous in simple private households, were only in 19. Century invented and were therefore only a few decades of practical significance, because the much more practical, safer and long term also cheaper electric light in the beginning of the 20. Century rapidly asserted.

Nevertheless, for Christmas in many apartments and homes grow wax candles. Your flickering and your smell should spread Christmas mood. The reciprocal side of these candles is an increased fire hazard – especially when they are indebted in the near-flammable materials such as conifer branches, curtens or paper or without sufficiently free space upwards. Therefore, the number of fire brigade inserts is regularly significantly increasing around the Christmas season.

Addition must not be specified

A less well-known risk of candles is that they burden the room air. This is especially true for fragrant candles that exist in a variety of flavors. They currently make up to 15 percent of the average per capita consumption in Europe for about one and a half kilograms – and although they cost up to 150 euros per stucco, demand increases for them. The buyers are a survey of the candle industry, especially women between 19 and 49 years.

Scented candles frot because they contain fragrances. For cosmetic products, manufacturers have to specify such an infection – with candles only when the fragrances are listed in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance. If the combustion anxiety is released, you can or from the chemical compounds resulting from you, among other things, breathing difficulties, headaches and allergies. According to such perfumer allergies, the Federal Environment Agreement suffer alone in Germany at least half a million people. The Scientific Advisory Committee of the EU (SCNFP) classifies 26 fragrances as particularly allogue – including Citral, Farnesol and Linalool.

Less dangerous are candles, which only smell comfortably because they consist of beeswax, but it is expensive expensive. And they also produce what’s earlier "Rub" Stretched and what you do today "particulate matter" is called.

Frankincense and fragrance

Even more problematic than candles is the frankincense burned in services and the three-constant festival: a tree resin obtained in Arabia and East Africa, including the potentially carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon Benzo [a] Pyrene, which is also used in tobacco smoking, in the case of coffee and when Charcoal degress is released.

Scentol, which are dropped in shells or stones to develop their flavors, are sold – unlike candles and frankincense – with warnings. These danger symbols, printed on the bottle, to a rough health hazard. "However, the danger symbols on the bottle do not refer to the intended use, but only to a non-intended use:

If you take them oral, for example, it can come to vomiting and even life-threatening inflammation when the vomiting OL gets into the lungs. Therefore, parents whose children could not resist the scent of such Ole, do not try to bring the offspring with a loffer to vomiting, but wait for the ambulance. Also for rubbing, such fragrance is not provided because they can cause skin irritation. Sometimes positive impact on health were claiming like the "Starting the defense" are not proven scientifically, but the recovery claim is required.

Designer fucks for branded products

However, flavors are not only purchased with certain products, but also with many others. Today, manufacturers name individual fragrances for their brands, because they know that the nose has a direct access to the limbic system, the chemical production in the brain.

Therefore, a smell can influence a purchase decision even if it lies below the conscious perception threshold. And therefore the sports fashion provider adidas, the electronic monzes Samsung and several car manufacturers have been developing individual fragrances, which should be associated with their products. About possible health effects of such product added is still little known. However, there is a lot point out that they are at least not more harmful than the adhesives and fuels, for which cars and sales chambers are spring.

Very much better explored are the room air impact of tobacco products that the standard a few years ago with the remark summarized: "Who smokes in an interior, do not have to worry about the rest of the air quality – worse and unhealthy it’s almost never."

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