Criminal charges filed by law professors

Criminal charges filed by law professors

Court files on the desk © Julian Stratenschulte

The public prosecutor's office in Tubingen receives personnel files from the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese in connection with the investigation of sexual abuse. The background is a criminal complaint filed by a group of law professors against unknown persons.

These criminal charges were filed with public prosecutors in the area of all 27 German dioceses.

According to prosecutor Nicolaus Wegele, the investigations relate to the study on abuse presented by the German Bishops' Conference in the fall. Deceased persons are excluded from the investigation because their actions cannot be investigated under German criminal law.

Reference to the MHG study

The diocese said in this regard on Friday that it had reported 79 accused to the MHG study. 54 of them had died. Of the remaining 25, a preliminary investigation has already been opened in 10 cases and a file number has been created. The public prosecutor's office had to clarify how to deal with cases in which presumed victims had expressly stated that they did not want the law enforcement agencies to become involved.

At the end of last week, the Essen diocese had announced that it would make 41 files on possible cases of abuse by clergy available to the public prosecutor's office.

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