Compliments to the carmelite sisters

Compliments to the carmelite sisters

"Signs of hope in turbulent times": Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx presided over the celebration of the perpetual profession of Sister Margaret of the Holy Five Wounds at the Carmelite Convent of Saint Joseph in Aufkirchen, Germany.

He described it on Saturday as a "sign of hope in turbulent times". With perpetual profession, the Carmelite nun commits herself to her religious community for life, vowing poverty, celibacy and obedience in return.

Intentionless existence before God

As a contemplative community, the Carmelite nuns do not take on pastoral or charitable tasks externally, according to reports. They see their main task in the intentional existence before God, which at the same time becomes a sharing of the needs and concerns of their fellow human beings.

The cardinal thanked the new professed nun as well as her fellow sisters for their prayers. Learning to pray is the most important thing in the life of a Christian: "Because to pray is to become aware of the reality of God and to find my place in the world and security."

Praying means "I have an anchor and a face that looks at me". It is all the worse when people have lost the power of prayer because of what they have suffered in the space of the church through violence or sexual abuse," Marx emphasized.

From Mexico to Aufkirchen

Sister Margareta was born Monika Muhlhuber in 1989 in Reichertsheim (Muhldorf am Inn district). After training as an educator, she went to Mexico for a voluntary social year, where she worked in a children's home.

After her return, she worked for three years in the kindergarten in Reichertsheim before entering the Carmelite convent of St. Joseph in Aufkirchen in 2015. The Carmel Aufkirchen exists since 1896. Currently 17 sisters live there.

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