“Church ready for change”

Manfred Rekowski © Thomas Frey

Rhenish President Manfred Rekowski sees changes in the church as an opportunity for its future. Christians are not primarily advocates of the status quo, Rekowski said in Solingen.

Those who want everything in the church to remain as it was, do not want the church to remain the same. "That's why we dare to do new things, that's why we go new ways, that's why we say goodbye to congregational forms that no longer appeal to people," said the president of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland at a celebratory service marking the 150th anniversary of the Ketzberg Protestant congregation in Solingen.

Also, the Protestant parish of Ketzberg is no longer the same parish as the one that split off from the parish of Wald 150 years ago, said the senior theologian of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, according to the text of the speech. "Because you want to be close to people whose lives and whose world are changing rapidly, you are a church ready to change."At the same time, however, new beginnings are also connected with uncertainties and farewells, Rekowski conceded.

Change is both opportunity and uncertainty

For example, the Ketzberg congregation had to reduce the number of pastor positions as well as the positions for youth work, the sexton service and church music. "God asks us to leave behind old securities, for example financial security," said Rekowski.

But this could also be an opportunity: "Couldn't the decline in full-time work in our congregations also be an opportunity to make the general priesthood of believers shine anew??", asked the Rhenish president.

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