“Christmas without marco is not christmas”

Marco's family must fear that this year at Christmas a family member will be missing under the Christmas tree in the living room in Uelzen. According to media reports, the court in Antalya on Tuesday again postponed the trial against the student. The next day of the trial is now scheduled for 14. December scheduled. Sentenced 223 days, 17-year-old Marco W. Now already in Turkish custody for alleged sexual abuse of 13-year-old British girl. Wuppertal prison chaplain Gunter Berkenbrink worries about Marco's recovery after a possible return and compares the case with German conditions.

After the renewed adjournment of the abuse trial against 17-year-old Marco W. his lawyer has been cautiously optimistic. The Turkish court has "obviously" sent a signal, and the defense has made some headway, Matthias Waldraff said Tuesday in Marco's hometown of Uelzen. The defense is "not without hope" that the 17-year-old detained in Turkey since April can celebrate Christmas at home. Appeals can be seen as provocation The lawyer called on the German public to show restraint. Even well-intentioned appeals could be seen as provocation and frivolous interference with Turkish court. "They harm Marco, they do not help," he warned. "We must remain calm."Marco's brother Sascha showed no understanding for the decision of the judges. "I just don't understand the whole thing anymore, and you're just very helpless," he said in Uelzen. He very much wanted his family to be able to spend Christmas together. Vigil at the Brandenburg Gate Meanwhile, Marco receives support from friends and acquaintances in Germany. More than 100 people drew attention to his fate in Berlin on Saturday. Marco's brother Sascha and one of his lawyers, Matthias Waldraff, attended a vigil at the Brandenburg Gate.Sascha W. Says he has been fighting for his brother for months. "I just know him best. It's unbelievable," adds the 20-year-old visibly moved. "I know he is innocent, and I miss him very much."He reports that Marco knows about the vigil in Berlin and is happy about the support.Waldraff does not want to comment on the proceedings in Turkey at the moment. As a reason, he says, "any small utterance can lead to speculation and misunderstanding". Regarding the student's arrest, the defense attorney says his client is in bad shape. He is psychologically distressed and suffers from asthma and neurodermatitis. In addition to Berlin, vigils were also planned in Frankfurt am Main and Munich over the weekend.The trial has been adjourned several times for lack of testimony. But even with the transcript in hand, there will continue to be two different understandings of what happened on the evening of 12. April actually happened in the Voyage Sorgun Select Hotel in Side.Charlotte is to incriminate Marco heavily in her testimony. Here's how she specifically accuses him of attempted rape. She had been sleeping on the bed and woken up by a pain in her abdomen, the statement transcript says, according to media reports. She had given Marco a blow and pushed him away. Thereupon he had let go of her. The teenager describes the situation quite differently. According to his version, there was consensual tenderness.Witnesses have hardly been heard in the trial so far. Even if this would prolong the proceedings, Marco's lawyers believe this is urgently needed. The girl also has to face the questions of the defense lawyers. "Charlotte's statement is not admissible," says Marco's lawyer Michael Nagel. At the same time, the lawyers see Charlotte's statements to the British police as proof that Marco is innocent because of the inconsistencies they contain. They may therefore want to postpone going to the European Court of Justice.As if the case wasn't already complicated enough, the presiding judge also recently caused confusion. He had requested to hand over the proceedings against Marco. The request was rejected by the court, a reason is missing until today.In the meantime also friends and acquaintances of Marco can hardly estimate, what will happen on Tuesday in Antalya. "What we hope is clear, but what happens, no one knows," says Frank Preetz, one of the organizers of the vigil. With a view to Christmas, it was now about the "peace of mind of the two families". That's why Marco should finally be released, Preetz says, adding what Marco's father said to him just recently: "Christmas without Marco is no Christmas".

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