“Christians cannot remain untouched”

More efforts in the fight against AIDS have been called for by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). The disease has become the leading cause of death among adults in many parts of the world, according to a study published Thursday in Hanover, Germany. Aids destroys many efforts to improve economic and social development in the poorest countries, complains EKD Council President Bishop Wolfgang Huber.

"Christians and churches cannot remain untouched by the current dying and living in need and dependency," Berlin bishop says.In Germany, attention to HIV and AIDS has declined sharply, Huber criticized. After initial fears of a massive epidemic, it is now seen as "the disease of others". It is a wrong attitude, especially from a Christian perspective. The church represents a community in which healthy people and those affected by HIV and AIDS "accept each other with equal dignity and support each other in solidarity.".The study "For a life in dignity", which appears in the series EKD-Texte, was compiled by the EKD Chamber for Sustainable Development. It describes the current state of knowledge about the disease and addresses sociopolitical, economic and ethical ies. In addition, it describes what contribution the churches could make. The study also calls for addressing ies of sexual orientation, drug addiction, poverty, sexual violence and the right of men and women to self-determination.

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