Catalog of fines (2021): old/new, speed when points, fine and driving ban?

The current catalog of fines (2021) contains all fines, points and possible driving bans (resp. suspension of the driver’s license). Since the amendment to the German Road Traffic Act (stvo), which was introduced in april 2020 and partially repealed a short time later, many people have been asking themselves: what are the penalties for speeding at 21 or 26 km/h, and how many points are awarded for red-light violations? or distance offenses? This applies since 9. november 2021!

The current catalog of fines (2021) lists all fines imposed on road users who violate the road traffic regulations (stvo) i.e. being caught speeding or failing to obey a red traffic light. After more than a year of discussions between the federal and state governments on the amendment to the German Road Traffic Act, an agreement was finally reached in the fine dispute in mid-April 2021. The again changed stvo is valid since 9. November 2021. The dispute had been dragging on since february 2020. At the time, the amendment to the stvo was passed, but then overturned due to a formal error. Therefore, the old penalties continued to apply what also blocked new rules for better protection of cyclists:inside. Especially the stricter rules for speeding and the faster imposition of a one-month driving ban were considered by some to be excessive. Many options were discussed, ranging from a return to the old catalog to the exclusive elimination of the formal defect to modified sanctions. We summarize the changes to the catalog of fines. More on this topic: the fine calculator

Changes for motorists 2021: Laws

Car posing forbidden (video):

ÄChanges to the new 2021 schedule of fines

To the 1. January 2021, an important change in the current catalog of fines came into force: in future, gaffers will have to expect a custodial sentence of up to two years or a hefty fine if they take pictures of accidents involving deceased persons or film them. Until now, only living persons were protected from exposing recordings by paragraph 201a of the German penal code.

tougher penalties for gaffers: demand & draft law

points: then the driving license may be revoked

And: in the current catalog of fines, the driver’s license is still revoked with eight points before 2014, 18 points were required. Since the reform of the catalog of fines, not only car drivers but also cyclists and pedestrians are affected by fines and points. Pedestrians, however, do not receive points for disorderly conduct, they can only be fined. If you don’t want to collect points or pay a fine, you should behave properly in road traffic behavior. In the meantime, this also includes that every traffic violation should be for itself time-barred. Anyone who loses their driving license can reapply for it after six months at the earliest.

Bypass driving ban

Old vs. New: this applies in the fine catalog from 9. November 2021

In 2020, there were a number of changes to the catalog of fines, with the main focus on higher penalties for parking in second rows and on footpaths and cycle paths, blocking the emergency lane, the greater distance to cyclists when overtaking and the direct ban on overtaking for two-wheelers. Since parts of the new stvo were illegal due to a formal error, the federal states have had the rules of the "old" stvo in force again since July 2020 the catalog of fines for driving bans is applied. In april 2021, the traffic ministers of the federal states and federal Transport Minister andreas scheuer (CSU) agreed on a new catalog of fines, which will come into force on 9 November 2021. November 2021 comes into force. The most important points for many drivers are probably the regulations on the threat of driving bans and the fines for speeding offences. Anyone who fails to obey a 30-mph sign in a built-up area (momentary failure) does not have to surrender their driver’s license immediately, in contrast to what was intended in the last amendment. A driving ban only becomes due if the speed limit is exceeded by 26 km/h in built-up areas and by 36 km/h or more in built-up areas. The extended warning shot regulation has therefore been dispensed with. Out of town as beforeĀ§ 4 paragraph 2 sentence 2 bkatv. According to this, a driving ban is generally imposed in the event of a repeat offence within one year if the speed limit is exceeded by at least 26 km/h. The planned regulation of traffic zones in front of schools, kindergartens and construction sites from the last proposal was also dropped. The penalties for speeding have almost doubled in comparison to the old catalog of fines, as can also be seen from the fines in built-up areas. Points and driving bans, however, remain as usual. Further changes to the stvo relate to parking on sidewalks and cycle paths, as well as stopping in second rows and on emergency lanes. 110 euros will now be due. Furthermore, more importance has also been attached to the emergency lane. Who does not form, gets now in addition to 200 euro fine also a driving ban imposed. In addition, the fine for unauthorized parking in a parking space for the severely disabled has also been increased to 55 euros. A new offence for unauthorized parking in a parking space for electrically powered vehicles has also been introduced. The fine will be 55 euro.

StVO (2020): New traffic rules & fines

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