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Carcredit.De is a service of santander consumer bank AG. The carcredit.De autokredit is a lucrative product that provides favorable financing for a car. consumer-friendly interest rates, good repayment options and well thought-out approach to customer service speak in favor of the offer.


  • 270,00€
  • Monthly rate
  • 2,95%
  • Debit interest p.A.
  • 2,99%
  • Effective interest rate p.A.
  • 16.155€
  • Total loan amount

Data at a glance

  • Car purchase
  • Motorcycle purchase
  • The interest rate is independent of creditworthiness!
  • The interest rate is independent of the term of the loan!
  • The interest rate is independent of the credit amount!

Information from the bank

Interesting product details

  • Online
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Mail

Cancellation period: 14 days

Information on the application process

  • Online
  • Videoident
  • Postident

Minimum information and representative example according to the EU consumer credit directive. We receive all information from the banks. At least two-thirds of the customers receive the stated effective annual interest rate in the representative example given or a more favorable rate from the respective bank. Individual calculations may nevertheless differ from the representative example, as the stated effective annual interest rate depends on individual factors. "k.A.", "K.A."or no information from the bank" means that the bank has not (yet) provided us with this information. We will complete them as soon as we have them. All information has been researched to the best of our knowledge and belief, but is not guaranteed.

The most important facts

  • Very wide range in the amounts of credit offered
  • unscheduled repayments are possible at any time
  • Residual debt insurance via santander consumer bank AG optionally possible
  • Processing of the loan application can start on the day the application is submitted (working day)


  • Installment deferrals are only possible by arrangement and for a fee
  • early redemption only in combination with a prepayment penalty
  • No separate list of prices and services online
  • No fully digital credit

Editorial rating

criterion weighting note application5%3.35 documents5%1.05 product features15%3.65 repayment phase15%2.75 service10%3.50 interest50%3.32 total valuation3.19
postident 10% 5.00
videoident 10% 5.00
electronic signature (eidas) 10% 0.00
extended right of revocation 15% 1.00
loan commitment in advance 15% 4.00
telephone help / information 10% 3.00
mobile application route 10% 5.00
presentation of application form 10% 5.00
interactive assistance during the application process 10% 3.00
list of prices and services 15% 0.00
AGB 15% 3.00
preparation of documents 15% 1.00
submit account statements / salary statements 15% 3.00
assignment of the motor vehicle contract 40% 0.00
maximum term 15% 5.00
loan amount (max.) 15% 5.00
loan amount (min.) 15% 5.00
rescheduling possible 10% 0.00
processing credit application 10% 3.00
processing fee 15% 5.00
stepless term 5% 1.00
earmarking brings interest rate advantages 10% 3.00
restrictions on purchase 5% 0.00
deferred payments 30% 3.00
special repayments 30% 3.00
change in installment amount 15% 0.00
information from the supervisory authority and ombudsman 10% 5.00
early redemption 15% 3.00
customer account online 20% 5.00
access via app 10% 0.00
residual debt insurance 10% 5.00
ways to complete the application 10% 3.00
friendliness hotline 10% 3.00
information content through hotline 20% 3.00
accessibility of the hotline 20% 4.00
best possible effective interest rate 50% 1.91
best 2/3 effective interest rate 50% 4.72
status: 31.01.2022
* . The editorial evaluation was made for the use as a car loan

Interest rate

A person is holding a smartphone with percentage signs floating above it

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When it comes to interest rates, carcredit.De for the car loan at a fixed rate. This clearly sets the provider apart from other lenders in the field of car loans. With a fixed target interest rate of 2.95 percent and an effective annual interest rate of 2.99 percent, the provider is in the middle of the competition. This is because many providers offer a more favorable initial interest rate, which is, however, dependent on creditworthiness and can develop accordingly upwards.

If you don’t have a top credit rating, you’re better off with a car loan from carcredit.De is therefore well advised and will probably be more favorable in terms of interest rates than is the case with other providers with a creditworthiness-dependent interest rate.

Our note: because the offer from carcredit is not a credit-based one.De is a fixed-rate offer, the two-thirds interest rate does not have to be specified, since all borrowers receive the same interest rate.

Intermediate conclusion

In the case of interest rates carcredit works.De for the car loan with a fixed interest rate that presents itself competitively and can be found in the middle range of providers for car loans.

Product features

A man holds a magnifying glass in front of his eye

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The maximum term for a car loan through carcredit.De is 96 months. A very long term, which can be used if, for example, large financing is to be put on the way. Among other things, when luxury vehicles or caravans and buses require financing.

The minimum term is 12 months. Here, too, the provider is very consumer-friendly, as long loan terms are often a hindrance for customers who only want to finance a used car. The borrower therefore does not have to commit to the bank for more than one year.

The possible net loan amount also presents a fairly similar picture. The smallest net loan amount is a slim 500 EUR. The maximum loan amount, on the other hand, is 200.000 EUR. This wide range shows that carcredit.De is interested in a fairly diversified clientele and would like to address all consumers who would like to finance a used car or a new car of various types via the provider.

The online financing offer around the car loan applies to classic vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles and caravans. For the provider, it is not important which vehicle model is to be financed. Financing can be granted in principle for over 28.000 different vehicle models can be taken out. Here, too, the offer is very flexible and appeals to a broad customer base.

Unscheduled repayments, which are to take place in the course of repaying the car loan, are possible at any time. Installment deferrals, on the other hand, are only possible after consultation with the bank and for a fee. A deferment of payment usually entails the payment of a fee of 40 EUR. Here you have to see whether the deferral of installments is really necessary in such a case.

Even with an early redemption of the loan, only a limited accommodation is to be expected. Early redemption is possible, so that the loan can also be rescheduled. Carcredit.However, De only allows this early redemption if an early repayment penalty is paid. The amount of this prepayment penalty depends on the outstanding loan amount and the term that would still be associated with the loan.

If the borrower has submitted all relevant loan documents, the loan application will be processed promptly. An initial provisional commitment is given within a few minutes. Subsequently, carcredit advertises.De with the fact that the payment is made within 24 hours. The prerequisite for this is always that the customer has a certain creditworthiness that speaks in favor of taking out a loan.

The car loan is an earmarked loan. When applying for a loan, the prospective customer must therefore specify the type of vehicle to be financed. It is important that the key data relating to the vehicle are known before the loan request is made.

Carcredit.De differentiates between a classic loan, a modern budget loan, a leasing offer and an auto dispo plus for the car loan.

  • Classic loan – stable monthly rate until the end of the term
  • Modern budget loan – low monthly payments and a large final installment (balloon financing)
  • Leasing offer – customizable and limited to a fixed period of time
  • Auto dispo plus – car loan plus EC/maestro card with a maximum credit line of 5.000 EUR

InterIm summary

On the positive side, the credit amount and the term are very broadly defined, so that the customer can flexibly decide which key data are important for the credit. It is also possible to finance both used cars and new cars of various types. Regardless of whether they are purchased from a retailer or via a private individual.

Repayment phase

A person holds euro coins in both hands

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As a rule, repayment of the car loan begins one month after the loan is taken out. The borrower is allowed to make free unscheduled repayments at any time. The relevant passage for this can be found in the credit agreement. The amount of the special repayments must be agreed in advance with the bank on an individual basis. In the case of deferred payments, carcredit presents itself as follows.De little flexible. They are granted, but only for a fee i.H.V. 40 EUR per installment deferral. Here, too, please consult carcredit in advance.De and to find an optimal solution.

For securing the loan, carcredit offers the following services.De a residual debt insurance. This is called "installment protection insurance" or "santander safe" by default. Both options can be used for the loan and come from santander consumer bank AG. Unemployment, incapacity and death of the borrower can be insured against. The borrower has the free choice of whether or not he wants such a protection. He can also take out residual debt insurance independently of the credit offer or waive it completely.

An important point for the repayment is also always the provision of all documents for the loan. First and foremost, this includes the agbs, which should be prominently displayed on the internet site. At carcredit.De the link to the agbs is unfortunately not immediately recognizable. Although a link to data protection and the imprint can be found at the bottom of the page, there is no separate link for the terms and conditions. The agbs can only be viewed if the link to the santander main page is clicked in the imprint. There the ABGS are deposited in the lower range again by left. The provider should definitely make improvements here.

There is also room for improvement in terms of prices and services. Although carcredit presents.De presents all the conditions and options relating to the loan in the form of a calculation tool. As a rule, however, a separate list of prices and services should be prominently displayed on the website.

On the other hand, the information on the european dispute resolution platform and the supervisory authorities are in order. The data is stored in the imprint and in the "data protection" section and is accessible at all times. Should problems arise with the bank, the borrower can contact the appropriate offices.

InterIm summary

Free special repayments speak in favor of the carcredit offer.De. Also the residual debt insurance, which is available with various options. However, the provision of legal information should be improved.


Woman with headset makes phone call at work

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For most consumers, good service around a loan is very important. It shows how hard banks and brokers work to serve their customers and how convenient it is to take out a loan. Especially with online offers, good service plays a fundamental role.

Carcredit.De can score with a free consultation. In addition, it is positive to note that there is no minimum deposit for the car loan. The borrower does not have to make a down payment when buying the car, but can always have the car financed 100% by the loan.

To get started with carcredit.De to be able to contact, different options are offered. On the one hand, there is a telephone hotline that can be reached at local rates from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. The hotline staff are friendly and competent and provide advice on all car loan options. Furthermore, it is possible to contact carcredit by e-mail or contact form.De to contact.

A special bonus with carcredit.De is the best price guarantee. It is valid until 14 days after the conclusion of the credit agreement. If the borrower obtains a more favorable loan offer from another provider, the loan with carcredit.De adjusted accordingly. A service that is not to be found with other providers and which in any case is a plus for carcredit.De speaks.

carcredit provides an app that can be used from mobile devices to obtain information about the loan and the borrowing process.De currently not available. However, the website is adapted in such a way that it is also suitable for mobile devices. Therefore, the car loan can be applied for not only through the computer or laptop, but also through the smartphone or a tablet at any time.

For taking out the credit, the online way is recommended. Although it is also possible to clarify questions and request documents over the telephone. However, it is much easier and faster to apply for a loan over the Internet. In particular, if credit processing is requested on the same day as the application is submitted.

The postident and videoident procedures are available for identification purposes when applying for a loan. The electronic signature can not be deposited yet. The credit agreement must then be printed out, signed and returned by mail. It can be assumed that carcredit.De will improve on this point in the near future.

Interim summary

A customer hotline, various options for borrowing, and a mobile sub-site for applying for credit from a tablet or smartphone are offered. in addition, both modern procedures for legitimization. Corrections would be desirable regarding the electronic signature and an app.


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The application for the car loan via carcredit.De always starts online with the use of the calculator tool. This tool asks for information on the purchase price of the vehicle, a possible down payment and the resulting financing amount.

Once these basic details have been entered, the interested party is redirected to a sub-page on which two different types of credit are presented: the classic credit and the budget credit. The interested party can also see which monthly installments would result for which term and can make an appropriate selection. After a decision has been made, an additional field opens in the lower area of the page, which confirms the selection and shows how the credit offer would be composed in detail. Clicking on "non-binding financing inquiry" opens another sub-page that requests information on the vehicle.

On the following page, personal data about the borrower and the possible second borrower are requested. Here are the details of the profession and the employer. Subsequently, the income and expenses are queried.

Last but not least, there are questions about payment protection insurance and bank details. In addition, the tax identification number can be provided as an option. The reading of the data protection information must be confirmed before the credit application can be submitted. Our note: the data protection information can be saved as a PDF file.

If the last page of the application form has also been filled in, the processing of the application begins. Carcredit.De will usually contact the interested party by e-mail and describe the application process in detail. In addition, information is provided on the documents still to be submitted.

Once both parties have reached an agreement, the contracts are prepared for signing. Only then is the requested money paid out.

It should be noted that, with the exception of the signature, the entire loan application process can be completed online. The signed contract can also be scanned and sent by e-mail, eliminating the need to go to the nearest public mailbox or post office.

First step application car loan

Second step application car loan

Third step application car loan

Fourth step application car loan

Fifth step application car loan

Sixth step car loan application process

Seventh step application car loan

Eighth step application car loan

Interim summary

The fact that the application for the car loan can be submitted online saves a lot of time and nerves. The application process is clear and easy to understand. However, it would be even faster and more convenient with the option of a fully digital loan application, so that the applicant can even sign the loan agreement electronically and save himself a trip to the mailbox.


Two people sitting at an office table over a paper document

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No contractual agreement without documentation – this rule naturally also applies to the carcredit auto loan.De. It is therefore important that all relevant documents are provided by both parties when taking out a loan.

Carcredit.De offers a clear and well-structured credit application on its website. The credit agreement that is subsequently drawn up is also structured in a comprehensible manner and can be understood even by a layperson. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the credit agreement, you can call the customer hotline. The employees answer your questions and point out possible solutions.

The borrower must also provide documents for taking out the loan. This would be primarily documents that show both his economic and personal situation. This includes proof of income for the last three months, complete bank statements for the last three to four months and a valid identity card or passport for identification purposes. In addition, documents relating to the vehicle that are required as part of the financing process must be kept on hand. The details of the documentation depend on the type of financing and the vehicle to be financed. The documents are therefore named in detail during the loan application process.

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