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Go to portugal you are at the right place to rent a car and explore portugal from the algarve down to the spanish border passing lisbon and porto. ÜCheck our price comparison as we have an extended range of car rentals with many different types of cars, from cheap cars to luxury cars and SUVs. See some of our travel recommendations for portugal below.

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What makes portugal an outstanding vacation destination?

Did you know that portugal is placed among the top 20 industrialized countries with a high index of human development? Portugal is the most western (fixed) country of europe. West it borders the atlantic ocean east with spain. Its history goes back to the Iberian Peninsula, Roman occupation and Portuguese explorers. The portuguese language is spoken all over the world and popular in the former colonies of brazil and south africa. It includes a part of the iberian peninsula with two groups of islands in the atlantic ocean.

Why is portugal ranked in the top 20 most visited countries in the world?

Every year more than 13 million tourists come to portugal. the hot spots are madeira, lisbon, algrave, porto santo and alentejo. Here you can find everything from mountains to islands, which are very popular tourist attractions. its mainland is a hotspot for winter sports like skiing. Portugal’s Mediterranean climate makes it one of the warmest European countries. Visitors appreciate the mountainous regions and the coast as great destinations for their summer holidays. Tourists having fun in winter, snowfalls can be experienced in the northern part between october and may.

The tropical archipelago of the azores and madeira has a subtropical climate. It is a region with great biodiversity of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Its wild cat population includes weasels, hares, mongoose and wolves and there are some endangered species such as z. B. The brown bear. Among the great variety of freshwater fish, in the lakes and along the coast there are. the catfish and other food fish such as sardines, tuna and mackerel.

What makes portugal a tourist attraction in all seasons??

While vacations are usually expensive, portugal offers its tourists the best service at affordable prices. The visitors are mostly from other european countries such as spain, germany and the united kingdom. Flights to portugal can be purchased at low prices from the major airlines. the country’s hospitality industry provides tourists with affordable accommodations as well as entertainment options. In addition, many travel companies offer generous discounts on car rentals. Every year new hotspots sprout up on the islands and on the mainland. These destinations are safe and offer great attractions for vacationers.

car rental and public transport in portugal

Portugal has a fast growing economy with a reliable transportation system. There are ultra-modern highways and railroad lines. the porto metro light rail and orient station are some of the busiest stations. The landmark vasco da gama bridge meanwhile offers a stunning sight. visitors often take pictures of the tagus river and its bridges. Many car rental agencies offer comfortable and environmentally friendly rental cars. These are a cheap alternative and at the same time they save money and protect the environment. Within the city there are several airports with quality facilities for business and leisure travelers. Cabs are available 24 hours a day. However, for convenient and comfortable travel within the region, a rental car is the best choice. These are private and safe cars for rent with great discounts for daily or weekly rentals. The service industry in portugal is reliable and tourists can pay for almost everything by credit card.

Car rental tips for portugal

E great in portugal

In portugal there are many toll roads, therefore most car rentals come with an electronic toll device, depending on which car rental agent you choose the price of this toll device is included in the rental price or not, in the detailed terms and conditions of each car rental company you will find this information. The electronic toll booth allows automatic payment of all fees due for passing an electronic toll barrier. When you arrive at the rental car agency, you can activate the tollbooth and the tolls will be automatically paid in your credit card.

Does my child have a car seat in portugal?

According to portuguese law, all children under 12 years of age must sit in the back seat of the car, only children under 12 years of age who are at least 150 cm tall can sit in front of the car. Child seats are compulsory for all children under 12 years of age.

How to choose the right child seat for my children?

It is the parent u. Rsquo;s responsibility to select the correct child seat, child seats are always subject to availability therefore we recommend when booking your car rental online to add the correct child seat.

Travel restrictions in portugal

Rent a cars are not allowed on ferries. Most car rental companies allow you to take the car to spain, usually there will be an additional fee for you, in the detailed terms and conditions of each car rental company we work with you can find this information.

Why rent a car?

The best way to explore portugal is with a rental car. Renting a car is easy and affordable. With your rental you can discover the beautiful surroundings of portugal. Rentalcargroup.Com collaborates with many car rental companies in portugal.

Do you need help choosing a car rental?

If you are not sure which car to rent or don’t quite understand how it works, you can always call or chat live with our service center. We can help you by finding the right car for you and advise you if you wish.

Park your car rental in portugal

Parking your car rental in portugal can best be done in a parking garage. It is safer for you and your rental car. It is possible to park your rental car in the outskirts of portugal and take public transport, which is not too expensive and will compensate for the parking fee you will have to pay if you park in the city center. Remember that many large cities have a city center that is only accessible to locals or deliveries.

My flight arrives at midnight the car rental companies are still open at this time of the night?

For most locations it is possible to reserve a car rental outside opening hours. When booking you can choose the pick up time. If the pick-up time is after opening hours, please check if there is an out-of-hours charge. This fee must be paid directly to the car rental company upon arrival. The information you will find in the detailed terms and conditions.

I am traveling abroad but I don’t know how to get to my car rental destination

Most car rental companies offer a GPS navigation system to help you navigate your way to your destination. There is an additional fee for this service which is stated in the rental conditions. Please note that the GPS navigation systems depend on the availability of the car rental companies.

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