Calling in all?

America’s new prasident makes it clear that in the woman’s house now there is another sound

A recent in space seems more likely since Russia on Washington’s planner for the "Son of Star Wars"-Rocket defense shield has reacted with a doubling of his defense budget.

About $ 115 billion, Russia wants to invest in the next ten years to ensure that the national missile defense system (NMD) with its rockets can penetrate (US national rocket defense). Although this sum falls slightly to the US defense budget of € 300 billion alone this year, but it was sufficient for the development of new rocket technologies as well as the expensive troopsmobilization that Putin has already requested. This step became a juvening for rising expenses for Russia as recently in times of cold war.

Calling in all?

According to Sergei Krushchev, the son of the former Soviet prassident, was the highlight of the Cold War, the Cuba crisis, essentially "The result of a cultural misunderstanding". The stationing of the missiles in Cuba was then "as a signal that we are recognized as equivalent", thought. Nikita Krushchow had expected America to accept this step, as Russia had accepted American missiles near Turkey. "My father wanted to send a political embassy, but that was a mistake."

At the moment, Russia’s this year’s defense budget is about $ 7 billion, but will probably still increase during the year. According to Strana Report, this is part of the ten-year plan to formate the armed force, which Putin has signed last week.

This Tuesday then Putin wrote a letter to the new Prasident Bush, in which he congratulates him at the expense and expresses the hope that the mutual relationships were also properly projected by good will and the Russian-American dialogue was further developed. The new American administration will hardly get involved in discussions before not yet announced other details.

In an interview with the New York Times last week Bush said Bush, Russia should focus on the dismantling of his nuclear weapons as long as it does not prove that support and investment can also use more productive.

According to experts, the Russians have two practicable opportunities to break through the massive missile defense system: they can equip their latest topol M-long-distance weapons with multiple powered or develop new intercontinental rockets and thus replace the current SS-18 missiles. However, the Start II Weapon Control Law was injured – Russia threatens to ignore the contract, the US should adhere to its plan for the NMD.

The German Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping has such a doubt: "The financing and technical transfer of such a strategic missile defense is currently not feasible." Not only from Germany, but also from many other parts of Europe, doubts about the plan, which could spark the NATO, provoked Russia and China – and so the 30-year efforts could destroy a strategic abruming.

The defense missiles of a successful National Missile Defense System had to have the enemy attackers even at a speed of up to approx. 16.000 km / h meet – anti-detectors not yet included. That sounds hard, but has only worked once in previous tests (test for missile defense badge failed).

The new US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has to expect violent opposition from the Congress, as long as the NMD does not yet proven to be effective. The new missiles threatened by Russia were able to scare this plan very well.

"The militar again, I think for one of my most important tasks." George W. Bush

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