Call for worship and apology

A good nine months before Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Germany, the congress will be held in the German capital. Berlin politicians have spoken about their expectations: The governing mayor expects a "great service," the government's abuse commissioner an apology to victims of sexual abuse.

This is what Christine Bergmann said in the RBB program "Himmel und Erde" ("Heaven and Earth"). It is now important that the guidelines of the German Bishops' Conference on the subject of abuse are observed and controlled. Diocesan abuse commissioners would have to be independent.

Berlin's governing mayor Klaus Wowereit spoke out on Friday (07.01.2011) for a "great church service" from. The archdiocese should be so "courageous and self-confident" to stand up for it. The visit also offers an opportunity to discuss "antiquated attitudes" of the Catholic Church.

Sterzinsky for meeting with Catholics
Berlin Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky also urges meeting Benedict XVI. with Catholics from the archdiocese of Berlin. The proposal to dispense with a public papal service did not come from within the archdiocese, but from outside, he said at a New Year's reception for the archdiocese. At the same time, he stressed that the Pope's official visit to Germany would focus on meetings with representatives of politics and society in the German capital, leaving little time for the local church.

Sterzinsky had again opposed speculation that the archdiocese feared a "flop" because of public events organized by Benedict XVI. too few people could attend in Berlin and it could be disrupted by church opponents. At the same time, he confirmed that the archdiocese is evaluating the experience of John Paul II's visit to Kashmir. 1996 from. At the time, there were protests against the then pope along the papal route Unter den Linden, among others.

Third visit to Germany
Benedict XVI. comes during his visit to Germany from 22. to 25. September to the archdioceses of Berlin and Freiburg and the diocese of Erfurt. Papal travel marshal Alberto Gasbarri is expected there in the coming weeks to clarify the visit program.

It will be his third visit to Germany. Shortly after his election as pope in 2005, Benedict XVI was. In September 2006, he visited Munich, Altotting, Marktl am Inn, Regensburg, Pentling and Freising in his Bavarian homeland.

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