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The most important categories at a glance

Buying a car: In Germany you have a wide choice

Buying a car: you have a wide choice in germany.

For some people, a car is just a used car, for others a status symbol and for tuning enthusiasts, your vehicle is both hobby as well as an expression of your personality.

As different as car owners are, as different are their needs, if they want to buy a buying a car WANT.

there are many questions to answer before buying a car. Which one manufacturer and which one model is possible for me? Should I buy a new, used or rather a year-old car?? Where can I buy cars cheap?

first you have to consider if you want to buy a used or a new car. The next step is to set yourself a financial framework.

By means of a vehicle valuation you can reliably determine (or have determined) how much a used car is worth.

In order for the purchase contract to be valid, different information must be provided. Read more about this in our guide to the purchase contract.

What is better: cash or financing? What influences the price of a vehicle?? Where can I find good offers? These and other questions should be answered here.

Before you buy a car – first considerations

If you want to buy a car, this means in many cases a big investment, you should plan well – after all, you want your new car to give you pleasure and be reliable for a long time. If you are not yet sure which car you want to buy, you should consider in advance answer the following questions:

What price can you pay?

When buying a car, you should calculate carefully

When buying a car, you should calculate carefully.

This involves the most important question when buying a car. If you have a low budget, buying a new car or an annual car is usually out of the question. Consider also that after the purchase of the vehicle other running costs come to you.

One of the most important items is certainly the car insurance. In germany, every car must have at least third-party liability insurance.

Partial and fully comprehensive insurance bring more power and better protect yourself and your vehicle, but are also more expensive.

The amount of the contributions is, however, not only dependent on the type of insurance, but also depends on many other factors. These include the insurance provider as well as the make and model of your car. Young drivers also pay higher insurance premiums than experienced drivers.

Other specific guides

When you buy a car, you should also remember that once a year you have to pay vehicle tax must. the amount of the tax is influenced by different factors. This includes, among other things, the type of engine, the engine capacity and the emissions class of the vehicle.

In germany, only safe vehicles may be driven on the roads. To ensure this, the regular main inspection (HU) obligation. New cars have to be inspected 36 months after their initial registration, after which they have to undergo a general inspection every two years, as is the case for all other used cars. In addition, regular inspections are carried out. Especially with older vehicles, you should keep in mind that more often there are costs for repairs may incur.

Another important item that you should not neglect is the fuel costs. Depending on how many kilometers you drive on average and whether you drive diesel or gasoline If you fill up your tank, the cost varies.

city dwellers in particular are familiar with problems of limited parking space. Not everyone has the luxury of a free parking space. In many areas, therefore, they also have to rent for a parking space or pay garage.

How many kilometers do you drive on average? What routes do you mainly drive?

If you want to buy a passenger car, you should also consider what routes you mainly drive

If you want to buy a car, you should also consider which routes you will mainly drive.

People who spend a lot of time in the city and often drive short distances have different requirements for their vehicles than commuters who drive long distances on the highway. So, before you buy a car, you should think carefully about, what purpose should your car serve.

For frequent drivers it is usually worthwhile to have diesel. Although the purchase costs are usually higher than for an equivalent gasoline vehicle, the diesel costs are lower. So, if you drive a lot of kilometers, a diesel vehicle is worthwhile. With frequent short distances on the other hand, a more favorable gasoline be the right choice.

How many people ride in a car? Do you often transport a lot of cargo?

When deciding which car you would like to buy, the following factors naturally also play a role size of the car a significant role. If they are often on the road alone, a small car usually the right choice. For families do station wagons, vans or suvs come into question, the more space inside offer. Tradesmen, who carry a lot of cargo often decide to buy a transporter to buy – both used and new cars are available in many versions.

Even if you plan to use going on vacation by car car should be equipped with a larger cars think. If you can fit a lot of luggage in the luggage compartment, for example do without a roof box. Although this creates additional storage space, it has a negative effect on fuel consumption. This is caused on the one hand by the fact that the box represents additional weight. On the other hand, all additional parts attached to the outside of the vehicle increase the air resistance of the car. This means that the vehicle has to exert more power to move forward, which leads to higher fuel consumption.

More specific advice

used or new car?

An important decision when buying a car is, of course, this: should it be a used car? new car or prefer a used one its? Besides the financial aspect also play here other points a role.

The new car – the latest technology and freely configurable

On the one hand, a new car always has a certain prestige, which is of great importance for some car owners. When you buy a new car, you can also choose your put together the car you want. No matter if color, equipment or extras – you are free to decide about all of them. Moreover, new cars are in most cases less susceptible to repair than used cars. You are on the state of the art and therefore have a lower fuel consumption as well as pollutant emissions.

However, it must be remembered that a new car, especially in the first years strongly decreasing in value – already in the first year, this is about one fifth of the total value of the vehicle.

The used car – wide range, low prices

If you want to buy a car cheap, you should go for a used car

If you want to buy a car cheap, you should go for a used car.

Those who do not value buying a new car or who do not have a lower budget usually opts for a used cars.

Also new drivers, people buying their first car usually opt for a used one – partly because of the price, and partly because a dent or scratch is less annoying here than with a new car.

On the used car market you will find a huge range of vehicles of all makes, models, years of manufacture, equipment and mileages. Due to the great competition between the different suppliers and sellers, you can usually expect low prices here and a buy a car cheap.

However, when buying a used car some things to consider. On the one hand you have to expect higher costs for repairs calculate than a new car. This is due to the higher age of the vehicles.

In addition, on the car there are usually wear and tear, which were created by the previous owner. also keep in mind that a used car has a shorter service life and the purchase of a successor is due sooner than for a new car.

If you have little knowledge of cars and buying a car, it is also advisable to take a relative or acquaintance with you when buying a used car, someone who knows the subject well. This can give you valuable tips and car for possible weak points. Always insist on a test drive to check the car’s performance on the road.

What make and model of car should it be??

Once these initial basic questions about buying a car have been answered, you can think about car makes and models inform. Here play above all the financial budget as well as personal preferences a significant role when buying a car.

In germany, the following brands were among the most popular in 2014 and 2015:

  1. Volkswagen
  2. Opel
  3. Mercedes-benz
  4. Ford
  5. BMW
  6. Audi
  7. Renault
  8. Skoda
  9. Toyota
  10. Peugeot

The most popular cars for german drivers are therefore german manufacturers. These are considered by many people as down to earth and reliable. But also foreign car manufacturers, such as nissan or toyota, are becoming increasingly popular. In the last few years, more and more new cars have become established cheap car brands – this includes for example dacia – who aggressively advertise their low prices.

Once you have decided on a car manufacturer, it is now a matter of, the desired model to choose. Here it concerns both the size of the vehicle, the motorization, the external appearance and further factors. A particularly popular model is, for example, the VW golf, which has been in production since 1974 and is one of the most widely built cars in the world. It is now in its seventh generation.

What comfort and equipment do you want?

If you want to buy a car, you have a choice of many different models

If you would like to buy a car, you have the choice between many different models.

In the meantime, for all car makes and models, there are the most diverse equipment packages. While some car drivers fully equipped for one person, for another it’s enough to have basic equipment.

An important point is the color of the car. Many owners of a vehicle also see them as an expression of their personality, which is why this plays an important role in the selection process.

Keep in mind, however, that fancy colors can resale value negative influence can.

Popular colors, such as black and silver, as well as paint in metallic colors on the other hand increase the value, if you want to sell the car again.

Useful additional features are, for example:

  • automatic climate control: at the touch of a button, this provides pleasant temperature inside the car. The set temperature is automatically adjusted. In contrast, for a semi-automatic or. manual system the blower must be adjusted by the driver, which many find annoying.
  • Heated seats: this provides comforting warmth through the heating the seats, which many drivers find extremely pleasant.
  • navigation device: this is usually fixed in the dashboard. It guides the driver comfortably from A to B. Most car drivers no longer want to do without it.
  • parking assistance: more and more vehicles are equipped with a parking aid. Acoustic signals help with parking and thus prevent damage to your own or other cars. This is useful and helpful especially in the big city where parking space is limited.

popular optional extras that are in high demand can make the increase the resale value of the car. But more is not always equal to better. Many optional extras offered by car manufacturers are unnecessary and offer no added value to most drivers. In addition, electrical devices in the car consume additional electricity, which increases fuel consumption. consider this when you buy your new car.

buying a car – where can i buy a car?

If you want to buy a car, you can on different ways do. many buyers who want to be on the safe side turn to a dealership your choice. But the internet is becoming increasingly important when buying a car. Here you can compare different manufacturers, services and prices from the comfort of your own home. And even in newspapers and on bulletin boards you can still find classified ads in which private people offer your used car.

Buying a car at the dealership – personal contact with your contact person

Buying cars is possible at different places - among others at the car dealership

buying a car is possible at different places – among others at the car dealership.

If you buy your new car from a dealer, you will have an personal contact, you can clarify all important points in a conversation with the dealer.

Also, in case of possible problems with the vehicle that may occur after the purchase, you have the option to come back to the dealer. Indeed, as a buyer, you benefit from the warranty obligation.

material defects, the up to two years after the time of delivery occur, must be removed by the seller free of charge become.

However, the following must be noted here: within the first six months after conclusion of the purchase contract the car dealer has to prove that the defect was not already present when the vehicle was handed over. After this period of half a year, the burden of proof then lies with the buyer.

Buying a car privately – what to bear in mind

If you would like to buy a used car and do not value the warranty offered by a dealer, then it is possible to buy the vehicle from a private individual. This is especially worthwhile for older cars with high mileage, which are usually offered for a favorable price. Especially those who want to buy their first car often do it this way.

However, here are some things to consider. Most private car sellers do not have the vehicle checked in a workshop before they sell it. you should therefore take a knowledgeable person with you to the inspection, the check out the car can. A look under the hood can be very informative. you should check whether the hoses are porous and the fluid levels in the oil, the coolant and the steering gear are in order.

A test drive is of course a must here. This is another way to quickly identify any defects in advance. It would also be best if, during this test drive, you had the opportunity to check out the car examine the underbody of the vehicle. This is how you can determine if there are rust spots and oil leaks. Also exhaust system should always be checked.

The disadvantage of buying a car from a private buyer is that the warranty usually completely excluded will. If you find defects in the vehicle shortly after the purchase, you can not always complain to the seller or return the car. Only if the defects fraudulently concealed If the vehicle is found to be defective, the buyer can withdraw from the purchase contract. The seller must then take the car back.

These advantages and disadvantages must be weighed against each other. With the private man you can buy a car cheaply, have however less certainty than with a dealer.

buying a car on the internet – discounts and low prices

Which car should I buy? The Internet can help in the decision-making process

Which car should I buy? The Internet can help in the decision-making process.

Buying a vehicle on the internet is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, here are often large discounts offered when buying a car.

With the help of comparison portals you can compare prices for your dream car throughout germany and find the best price. So depending on the manufacturer and model discounts of up to 25 percent on the list price possible.

Especially in discontinued models you can get from high discounts profit. Also the choice of the car manufacturer can play a big role here. Foreign manufacturers in particular often offer substantial price reductions.

The intermediary portal – find the new car at the best price

Also online you have the possibility to get your to assemble a dream car with all the desired extras. Features such as engine power, paint color, electrical equipment and other optional extras, such as leather seats, are usually freely selectable. The intermediary portal then list the best prices for the model.

However, to this price you still have to add the transfer costs if you do not want to pick up the vehicle from the factory yourself, but from a dealer near you. In many cases, delivery to your home is also possible, but this increases the costs even more.

The large and well-known portals work here as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer or. dealer. The for many buyers exhausting and uncomfortable price negotiation is then omitted. Nevertheless they profit from regular warranty services. In addition, there are usually no brokerage fees for you. In most cases, there is no possibility to test drive the car.

car exchanges – new and used cars galore

If you want to buy a car cheap, you can also search car exchanges

If you want to buy a car cheaply, you can also search car exchanges.

Another way to buy a car online is to look at car exchanges search for a suitable car. Here, dealers and private individuals sell all kinds of vehicles, from new to year-old or demonstration cars to used cars, you can find it all.

In contrast to the intermediary portal, here the dealers place the cars and determine the price themselves. Here is a price negotiation therefore possible, since you can contact the seller directly and do not have to rely on an agent.

But also private people can offer cars here. In addition, there are many black sheep. Be careful if someone offers too cheap prices or on a payment in advance exists. In addition, you should always check papers, before signing the purchase contract.

Buying a car abroad – EU imports and co.

Often you can find favorable offers for so-called EU imports. in some countries the prices for new cars are much lower than in germany, because the purchasing power of the population is lower there. in other countries, for example sweden, new cars are subject to very high taxes. So that the cars are bought anyway, the net prices there by some cheaper than in germany. If such a vehicle is imported into germany, you will then only have to pay the german value-added tax rate. This also means that the total price is usually lower than what you would have paid in germany.

The quality of an imported car is not inferior to that of any other comparable vehicle, but depending on the country, the distinguish equipment features. Mediterranean cars usually have air conditioning, but seat heaters are rather uncommon.

However, anyone planning to buy such EU cars should be aware that this will require a high administrative costs can bring. On the one hand transfer be clarified. on the other hand they have to go to the tax office to check the sales tax to pay. Furthermore, you must present all the necessary documents to the registration office, where you will then be issued the german registration certificate part I and part II.

negotiating the price of a car – important tips and tricks

When buying a car, negotiating the price is particularly important

When buying a car, the price negotiation is especially important.

Whether you are buying a new or used car and whether your contact is a car dealer or a private seller: when you buy a car, you should always go to the price negotiation well prepared.

In many cases, their opposite comes to meet them price and lowers the purchase price to be paid for the vehicle by partly even over 30 percent.

follow our advice to be as successful as possible and the best price for your dream car to achieve.

  • get involved before the negotiation fixed price limit, which you do not want to exceed in any case. How to never lose sight of your financial budget. of course you should not tell the seller this limit. Start with a lower price and see how the seller responds.
  • Remember, To appear confident and self-assured, when you buy a car. Many sellers take advantage of their customers’ insecurity and try to convince them that their offers are too expensive. In connection with the appearance is also their outward appearance. When we are confronted with an unknown person, our first impression is decisive. And this is also strongly influenced by the exterior of the person and his clothing. A respectable wardrobe can make you appear more competent, which can have a positive effect on the sales talk.
  • Use comparison portals and the websites of car manufacturers and dealers to find out about the equipment and prices of the different models. Only those who well informed is able to obtain the best price when buying a vehicle.
  • A car purchase should always be well considered. In no case should you act in haste. Take your time and bring you above all patience with. If the seller realizes that you really want a certain model or urgently need a car, he will not be so accommodating in terms of price.
  • You are under no obligation to the dealer, and you can do as you please cancel the sales conversation at any time, if a price agreement is not possible.
  • Take a other person to the sales meeting with. This is particularly helpful if your knowledge of cars and car buying is limited. The other person can stop the be supportive and make suggestions and ask questions that you may not have thought of yet.
  • One set of winter or summer tires
  • A guarantee extension
  • A free inspection

How to pay for the new car?

Once you have decided which car you want to buy, you still have to decide how to pay for the vehicle.

The cash purchase

When you want to buy a vehicle, financing must also be considered

If you want to buy a car, financing must also be considered.

For a long time, the rule was that you could expect a bigger discount if you bought the car in cash than if you financed it. Today however, many dealers prefer financing, as you will receive regular payments from the customer over a fixed period of time.

When negotiating the price of a car, you should always start by considering the following points act as a cash payer. If an agreement can be reached on the price, you can still make a switch to financing and seek advice in this regard.

More and more popular: car financing

If you do not have sufficient financial means to pay for your new car in cash immediately, there are different options the car financing. sometimes this can even be cheaper than buying in cash. In the following, we would like to present you with three options:

  • The classic car loan
    with a classical installment loan for car financing you pay fixed monthly installments over a fixed period. At the end of the term of the loan agreement, the car is paid off and becomes your property.
    The amount of the monthly installments is determined by, how expensive the car is, how long the loan agreement should run and how high the down payment should be. However, with some providers you can also buy a car without making a down payment.
  • The balloon financing
    the balloon financing usually lures with very favorable monthly rates. These are possible, because at the end of the contract period a high final installment is due. By paying this final installment, you finally become the owner of the car.
    If you choose this form of car financing, you should, however, know in advance how you will pay this high final installment and build up financial reserves. If you are not able to pay the last installment, a follow-up financing can be chosen. Balloon financing then becomes three-way financing.
  • Three-way financing
    with three-way financing, you have three options, to pay off your car. All are preceded by the fact that you pay monthly installments over a fixed period of time. At the end of the contract period, you have the following options:
    on the one hand you can easily pay the final installment. This is the normal balloon financing. after payment of the high final installment, the car becomes your property. If you are unable to pay the final installment, a contract can be concluded for a follow-on financing can be concluded. However, the conditions for this new credit agreement are usually much worse. But there is also the possibility, return the car at the end of the term. The dealer then redeems the financing with the previously contracted repurchase price.

Would like hartz-4-recipient buy a car, this is often with many difficulties linked. On the one hand, in most cases there are hardly any financial reserves, so that a cash payment of the purchase price for the car is not possible. On the other hand people with weak credit rating get no credit with financial institutions. Financing is therefore also not possible. If the recipient of state benefits is nevertheless dependent on a car, the only possibility is usually for a relative or friend with sufficient creditworthiness to apply for and take out the car loan.

Car leasing – favorable options for self-employed people

If you do not want to buy a car, you can lease it instead

If you don’t want to buy a car, you can lease it instead.

If you are sure before buying the car that you do not want to keep it for a long time, then leasing would also be an option. Here you pay monthly rates and acquire the right to use the vehicle. So you do not buy the car, but lease it. At the end of the term then return the car to the dealer. However, you may have to make additional payments.

In some cases, it is also possible to leasing car to buy, when the term of the contract has expired. However option to be specified in the lease agreement. So if you know beforehand that you want to keep the car, you should prefer car financing.


If you want to buy a car many options. However, there are also various dangers lurking in the car market. therefore you should take enough time and compare all offers thoroughly and check.

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