Brussels: explosions at the airport and in the metro

The government goes from a terrorist attack with several dead. Brussel is in the emergency state

State state in Brussel: This morning at eight o’clock there were two explosions in the departure hall of the airport Brussel-Zaventem. If a premier is reported "Balance" With 11 dead and 35 injured. Photos from the airport Witnesses from a significant destructive power.

Walking at the airport. Screenshot from a video

Shortly after nine o’clock one or more explosions were reported from the Maelbeck metro station. According to the traffic enterprises STIB, 15 people were killed, 10 people are in critical condition, 45 were therefore not lifelike.

According to the current information stand, as the Belgian newspaper Le Soir continuously transmits him, injured outside the station are treated on the burger climbing. The metro station is located 5 minutes to FUB from the European Parliament. There, all the treats were closed and the security controls are overturned and the alarm stage was lifted. As in very Belgium.In Brussel, the National Security Council was convened.

The Belgian resistant to go from terrorism. According to the staff office, at least one explosion at the airport was drawn by a suicide matte. It was approached in Brussel, but she could not prevent her. Whether the time with the arrests of the terrorist Abdeslam and other members of a network that stopped in Brussel has to do is still open.

However, it indicates that courage or. Observations that have been made in this context have confirmed that further subsequent were planned and the support network of terrorists is gross than the Belgian and French anti-terrorists to the arrests in the past week, on Tuesday and on Friday, suspected.

First MABs

In the Belgian capital, railhops were closed and evacuated, as well as several buildings; The metro, buses and tramways set the driving company, metrostations were closed, a coarse squad on militar quickly spread to important sites. As far as it turns out that Brussel was prepared for an emergency through the threats in recent weeks.

The telephone network is overloaded, short messages work bad. Since the public transport companies have set their services and some straws were locked, many stuck in the city. Also, the question of how the school children will come home home is leading to troubles, how to report the Lifeticker from Brussel.

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