Broadcast on 3. August 2008

Success as a gift from God – the missionary sports initiative "Athletes Call Athletes" offers competitive athletes a way to deal with success and defeat *The Autobahn Churches in Germany are 50 years old – sexton Heinz Rebmann talks about his experiences with people in crisis situations in the Autobahn Church of Baden-Baden. *The stuff that braids are made of – German-Chinese performance about hair. *Between cheesecake and kebab – Turkish cabaret artist Serhat Dogan on German-Turkish cliches. *The crime novel "Dog Days" takes readers into the summer heat of Munich, where not only a homeless man and a man with a Nazi past keep inspector Laura Gottberg busy * Other topics

In the summer of 75 years ago, "un-German" books were arbitrarily burned in Nazi Germany – and book burnings are still a tradition in many countries today. *The end of an era – Jesuit priest and art historian Friedhelm Mennekes of Cologne's Kunststation St. Peter retires. *Our leisure tip: the world's first Tanguera musical tells a melodrama from the port district of Buenos Aires.

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