“Boy scouts” under suspicion

Young "Boy scouts" © Sirisak_baokaew (shutterstock)

According to media reports, more than 90 U.S. Boy Scouts of America have filed a complaint against the organization.000 accusations of sexual abuse received. According to victim, abuse was part of everyday life in some groups.

Monday was the last day for those affected to make claims for compensation in the ongoing "Boy Scouts" bankruptcy proceedings.

There are 92.700 lawsuits before

Victim advocate Andrew Van Arsdale said Monday night (local time), according to the CNN television network, there are at least 92 lying in bankruptcy court.700 lawsuits before. Faced with the threat of lawsuits, the "Boy Scouts" had filed for insolvency in February to ensure their continued existence and to set up a compensation fund.

The horror is great

The association has a "social and moral responsibility to adequately compensate all victims," according to the organization's website. Victims are believed and appalled that innocent children were abused in Boy Scout programs. Since its founding in 1910, more than 130 million children and young people have joined the organization, according to Boy Scouts.

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