Bishops and orders consult

The German Bishops' Conference has confirmed that bishops and religious orders are discussing financial compensation for victims of abuse. Meanwhile, the Benedictines of the Ettal monastery in Upper Bavaria have set up their own fund for immediate assistance to victims of sexual abuse and violence.

"There is a discussion contact between the German Bishops' Conference and the orders," said spokesman Matthias Kopp on Tuesday on request in Bonn. However, there are currently still no agreements. Berlin's Tagesspiegel newspaper on Tuesday quoted a spokesman for the German Jesuits as saying the church wants to agree on a proposal for compensation before the next meeting of the Child Sexual Abuse Roundtable at the end of September. At the beginning of August, the Federal Government Commissioner for Abuse, Christine Bergmann (SPD), encouraged church and secular institutions in whose ranks children had been abused to submit their own proposals for compensation. 'You don't have to wait for us'. Goes ahead," says Bergmann. Ettal monastery: fund for rapid victim aid The Benedictines of the Upper Bavarian monastery of Ettal have set up a special fund for immediate assistance to victims of sexual abuse and violence. Regardless, a decision on compensation payments will be made only after the German Bishops' Conference concludes its negotiations, according to a joint statement released Tuesday by the abbey and the Ettal Abuse and Maltreatment Victims Association. Talks in recent months between victims and the monastery have been so successful that they can continue without the assistance of lawyers, he said. The goal is to achieve a "modified victim-offender mediation," the statement continues. With the help of professional mediators, the past is to be worked through. It does not matter that most cases are legally time-barred. The monastery recognizes the injustice caused by members of the order. According to the statement, the monastery supports the victims' association founded at the end of June "as a sign of respect" with a donation. There was no information about their amount. Further donations are not excluded. The association is represented by the Munich law firm "Dr. Lang and colleagues' advise. The lawyer Stephan J. Lang himself went to school in Ettal until 1983.

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