Beer-smoked, reactionar republicans to buy

With direct marketing methods and collected personal profiles of the burger on election

In the US Prassidal election campaign, the resistances go against vote for vote in the network. At the same time, election campaign platforms are more and more money in direct marketing and databases with personality profiles.

There is a difference between insurance transducers and premium candidates: the marketing combat arena, in which candidates are sold to the Wahler, is uneven threatening – believes at least the US company Map Applications. It is also the only difference. Map Applications sells both the same solution: databases with personality profiles for direct marketing.

The software of MAP Applications can connect with a name and an address via 40 personality characteristics. These are for example: income, car brand, age of children, early registration for election, value of the house, ethnicity, possession of a credit card. This information was bought among others by Trans Union. This company collects personal data for companies via the financial background of potential customers.

A Customer of Map Applications is the campaign platform of the Republican in Missouri. The Washington Post reports, the party tailors with the help of technology to advertise and their political statements on each reserve. Thus, employees extended their database through telephone surveys to the essential political concerns of their target persons. Now get the potential Wahler mab-made election campaign letters. If you get up to control, you get a tax record letter, who weather for arms control soon has a brades against control in the mailbox.

A little reminds that of Bruce Sterlings novel "Distraction", In which a Prasidential candidate leaves a chip in the top of the head, which steadily translates the current concerns of the election folk. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s election campaign is used a forward technology for a senate post. Every day a software expects the current feeling position of the Wahler over all the possible topics, based on telephone interviews from the previous day.

So worrying that may be, the question of data protection is acute. The National Rifle Association also uses Map Software to promote new members. People who drive a pickup have a hunting license or just subscribe to an outdoor magazine. Another direct marketing database summarizes people to profile groups like "Beerbauchige, reactions Republican" and "Colorado model liberale" together.

The parties do not pay too openly over the use of such technology. Jerry Baumann of Map Applications says: "Politicians have to know more about individuals, but at the same time avoid the impression, they injured their privacy. So you are not too market splicing."

But the well-known numbers speak a clearly language: 1999 the US campaign platform of the Republican 150000 dollars for high-tech direct marketing gave. This year it is $ 15 million. Your database includes 165 million people, with scope and number of personal information not known.

The New York student James Baumgarten hold the for pure money waste. His improvement suggestion is the internet site started in early August www.voteauction.Com, summarized on the undecided Mussel, according to states, you can auction your votes auction. "The campaign industry pays hundreds of millions for attempting to influence the prasidal elections. That’s inefficient money waste. We improve the system by bringing the money directly to the elections", he believes.

Meanwhile, the Easter-rich businessman Hans Bernhard operates the side hosted in Bulgaria. The prere of the US resist was too rough for Baumgarten. 6000 votes are to be buyed, achieved average price: 10 to 20 dollars.

Although threatening with early intervention, finally the sale is illegal in every US state. But Sheila Krumwood from the initiative group "Center for Responsive Politics" Criticized: "The decisions and elections are determined by money or at least influenced. Every woman that money has an unbearable influence on today’s system." This is not from hand in the face of direct marketing strategies. He must not be too obvious.

Maybe America is also blocked from very economic reasons against the direct purchase: 146 million dollars will be George W. Bush and Al Gore spend the Prasidential election campaign, the Washington post. So about half a dollar per US burger. Or one and a half dollars for each of the suspected 100 million non-Wahler. There is the direct purchase just not in it.

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