“Beauty of the vocation of marriage”

In Fulda, the Forum of German Catholics discussed the topic of marriage and family over the weekend. Ahead of fall family synod at Vatican, participants stressed beauty of marriage vocation.

This year's "Joy of Faith" congress of the Forum of German Catholics ended on Sunday with a service in Fulda Cathedral led by Prague Cardinal Dominik Jaroslav Duka. The meeting in Fulda, entitled "Marriage and family – God-given mission and path to happiness," had begun on Friday. According to the forum, there were about 1.500 participants.

Marriage as a source of happiness

A resolution adopted by the congress on Sunday said marriage and family were one of the most important sources of a full and happy life. Strong call to confront destructive ideologies "that threaten marriage and the family in general, and specifically our children and youth, in increasingly intolerant ways".

In the closing service, Cardinal Duka, referring to the congress motto "Joy of Faith," stressed that faith comes from the proclamation of the Gospel, which is a good and happy message. Duka recalled Mary Magdalene, whose words "He lives! He is risen!" would have brought hope and joy back to the apostles, according to biblical accounts. "Without this joy," Duka said, "our faith is dead."On Saturday, Duka had two events on church ground to mark the from 10. to 16. August upcoming Prague homosexual festival "Prague Pride" prohibited.

"New evangelization in Germany"

The Forum of German Catholics, which organizes the "Joy of Faith" congresses, sees itself as an association of "Catholics who are loyal to the pope and the church". It wants to contribute to a "new evangelization in Germany". Its board of trustees includes the Prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, and the former Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner. Next year, the Forum plans to host its congress in Aschaffenburg.

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