The draft for a new basic program of the CDU as a "people's party of the middle" is ready. It is to be discussed at the party congress in Hanover (3./4. December) will be adopted. The following are the main points of the draft.

MARRIAGE/FAMILY: For the CDU, family is "wherever parents take on lasting responsibility for children and children for parents.". Marriage remains the "guiding principle of the community of man and woman". Marital splitting is to be expanded into family splitting, and families with children are to be taxed more favorably than those without children. Homosexual partnerships are recognized as relationships in which fundamental values are lived out. However, the CDU rejects equal rights to marriage for men and women and adoption rights for homosexuals.ENVIRONMENT: climate change is recognized as a serious threat to creation. The CDU aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2020 and increase the share of renewable energies to 20 percent. Nuclear power plant lifetimes are to be extended.EDUCATION/RESEARCH: The CDU calls for binding national education standards. Spending on research and development is to rise to four percent of gross domestic product by 2015.SOCIAL INSURANCE: The CDU continues to call for the introduction of "solidarity-based premium elements" in health and long-term care insurance. In unemployment insurance, the duration of unemployment benefits is to be linked to the duration of contribution payments.LABOR MARKET: CDU stands by goal of full employment. Protection against dismissal should be made more flexible. Unethical wages are to be prohibited by law. Employees should have a greater share in the success and capital of companies.INTEGRATION: Germany is described as a "country of integration," and the CDU advocates "comprehensive promotion of integration". At the same time, every immigrant should recognize the central values and norms in Germany "without denying his or her origins and abandoning his or her roots". The CDU is committed to the concept of "leading culture.STATE FINANCES: By the middle of the next decade, there should be a "fundamental ban on new debt" in the Basic Law and in all state treaties. The Lander should be able to keep more money in the Lander financial equalization system. The CDU does not question the Solidarity Pact II.SECURITY: The Bundeswehr should be able to be deployed at home in the event of "special danger situations".VALUES: The CDU is committed to the Christian image of humanity. The three fundamental values of freedom, solidarity and justice remain intact.FOREIGN POLICY: The CDU sees itself as "the German party for Europe. Future EU enlargements should be based not only on accession criteria but also on the EU's absorption capacity. The rejection of Turkey's accession to the EU is explicitly not found in the draft. CDU supports Israel's right to exist and a viable Palestinian state.

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