Avoidable hunger catastrophe at the horn of africa

In addition to climate change, a failed agricultural policy, Burger War and the fatal interference of foreign force causes for the need of more than 10 million people

The help for the hungry people at the Horn of Africa has started. About an airbrucke of Nairobi after Mogadishu, urgently needed foods can be flown into the region. But these international efforts come far into spat. Only after the images of emaciated manners and women and their dying children flickered the television screens worldwide, the auxiliary machinery.

From the large thirsty catastrophe for 60 years, more than ten million people should be affected, around 500.000 threatens acute hungry death. Main stock bearings are once again the children. Chaotic, hopeless Africa now think of many. But this catastrophe is not a nature event, it was avoidable at least in this dimension. Climate change, a missed agricultural policy, Burger War and fatal interference of foreign force is the political causes for the dramatic situation.

The region knows the periodic absence of rainfall, but there was no durre in this outlet yet. For climate experts, at the Horn of Africa, where she has warned for years. Durrephases become more intense and long, to take heavy rain and flood disasters, as they are observed in other parts of Kenya. The ongoing durre in the north of Kenya, in the border area to Athiopia and Somalia is a template of climate change.

Avoidable hunger catastrophe at the horn of Africa

Escape Waiting in front of the UNHCR-BURO in the IFO camp, Dadaab, to the assignment of tents. Image: John Ndiku / Ocha

But for Helmut Hess, Somalia expert and earlier head of the Africa Department of Bread for the World, the hunger catastrophe is also a result of a false policy of the West to the failed state of Somalia. A state that is completely on the ground after 20th-year burger war. The West consider Somalia only under the perspective of terrorist, in a political stabilization nobody is interested, criticized Hess.

Only the pirate evaporation and police training are interested. All political efforts of the West have guided to the exact opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

Helmut Hess

If today the fundamentalists of the Al-Shabab wide parts of Somalias control, then this is also a consequence of these completely missed politics. Fundamentalists do not fall from the sky, they are a consequence of the circumstances. The interference of USA and Athiopia has proven to be a fire accelerator.

Since 2006, in Somalia, a transitional government was involved, which was used by the UN with jerking of Athiopia and the USA. She should prevent the "Union of Islamic court courts" In Mogadishu the power takes over. Today, many wish the moderate Muslims of the "Union of Islamic court courts" return. The Christian Athiopia is a lot of nationalist-minded Muslim Somalienn as archenem. At the same time, Athiopia is the most importantly bonded to the US in the international fight against terror in the region.

Following the use of the totally corrupt transit government, which is not entitled from abroad, which does not give any legitimate in the population, the Islamist Al-Shabab militias have become really strong. They could be considered "liberator" Publish from foreign levels. "It was fatal to believe you could pacify Somalia like that", says Paul Bendix, business drivers of Oxfam Germany. "Western politics against Somalia was unwise." Today, the Al-Shabab controls a coarse part of the country, including those provinces, which are particularly threatened by the hunger.

Who wants to help people in Somalia, is probably or ubel not past them. In 2010, they prevents the UN from the World Food Program (WFP) Supplies to the distressive population. Today, they are always hindering auxiliary supplies of the WFP in some regions. For smaller non-governmental aid organizations with local partners, it is easier to help, their use is not as politically charged as the UN Help. The Oxfam organization can supply around one million people in the crisis area, even where the Al-Shabab militias have that.

Helmut Hess is volunteered in the Somali non-governmental organization DBG, which in German "We help all" means and above all in the Mogadishu region operates their projects. "You can negotiate with the AL-SHABAB to help humanitize help in the controlled areas", says the African ackenne and raises the Federal Government to recognize the corrupt transitional government, but categorically reject speech with the Al-Shabab. The Norwegian aid organization Norwegian Church AID also supplies around 30.000 people with auxiliary guys in the province of Gedo, the heartland of the Al-Shabab. They do not hinder this unusable a relief organization to recognize.

New tents in the IFO 3 Camp, Dadaab. Image: John Ndiku / Ocha

In recent years, the Federal Government has supported the training of police officers of the hated transitional government with around one million euros. 50 million euros pay Germany alone in 2011 for the EU mission "Atalanta" for the evidence of pirates. "To other forms of piracy before the Kuste Somalias you do not kill yourself", Moving Hess. European Trawler fish illegally in the rich carriaters from Somalia and consider so the fishermen of their livelihood.

But the development policy of the international donors and the governments of Kenya and Athiopia has contributed to the crisis. They have demonstrated the small farming agriculture and the nomads especially in the marginalized regions in the north of Kenya and in the athiopic Ogades criminal. Ulrich Delius, afrikareferent of the company for threatened Volker, criticizes the agricultural policy of Kenya and Athiopia hard:

In the past decade, hundreds of thousands of hectares of pastureland have been lost because it was misleaded by the resistance and leased as a supposedly unused country for agricultural projects or provided for the settlement of farmers.

Ulrich Delius

The nomads like these shallow the nomads with their herds gladly turn off when there is not enough food on the normally used pastures. In the crisis they lack painfully. In addition, warnings of aid organizations were not observed on a threatening catastrophe. Already in November 2010 there were indications of rising food prices and falling livestock prices – classical indicators for threatening hunger. Then goods have been time to supply the cattle with food. It had then continued to produce milk and meat.

Now the nomads are in front of that, even if they survive the acute emergency situation. Aid organizations therefore demand an emergency fund to help in the future in good time. Not only if you can drive the necessary funds because the pictures of sufficient children wake up our compassion.

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