Attila hildmann hacked: followers told to destroy evidence

  • Hackers have succeeded in taking over accounts of Attila Hildmann – the pages can no longer be accessed
  • Hackers say Hildmann's former IT manager helped them take over channels
  • Attila Hildmann appeals to his followers to destroy criminal evidence. In addition, he publishes on Telgram private photos and contact details of his former employee and his relatives
  • Twitter blocked Anonymous' account, but resistance is forming on the platform under #FreeAnonNewsDe
  • Juice manufacturer Voelkel clearly distances itself from Hildmann. This still owes the company money.

Hackers have hacked the website of Attila Hildmann hijacked. Who since Monday the pages of the well-known conspiracy theorist and Corona denier, such as "" called, got only the logo of the Grupppe Anonymous and to see a confessor video. In it, the hackers and digital activists announce that they had not only gained control of the more than two dozen websites operated by Hildmann, but also his Telegram channels and email inboxes would have taken over. Meanwhile, Hildmann is active again on Telegram, promoting his new channel.

The hacking operation called "Tinfoil" (Aluhut) has succeeded according to Anonymous, because Hildmann's former IT manager became a defector. The man named in the report by is only referred to as Kai, has made access to it possible. It also said that over a period of time, he had ensured that Hildmann transferred responsibility for his main websites and Telegram channels to him.

Hildmann had been suggested that this was necessary so that the Public prosecutor's office could not access it in case of emergency. In addition, Anonymous also claims to have gained access to Contact and personal data of his followers and customers, as well as personal notes Hildmann has obtained. In the coming days, the hackers plan to provide information to the press and authorities.

Attila Hildmann takes revenge – Twitter blocks whistleblower

Attila Hildmann lashed out in retaliation on Tuesday morning, taking offense on his Telegram channel. In his group he published Contact details, that the Mother of his former employee should belong. To this he writes that the mother may be "injected away". In addition, he publishes the social media profile and private photos of a girlfriend of the former employee and comments in vulgar language about the woman. Her Instagram profile was then set to private.

This form of agitation goes too far for some Hildmann supporters. Hildmann should take revenge on his former employee and not on the women, write some users – but alongside them also gather Violence and sexual fantasies in the chat.

On the other hand Twitter Anonymus Germany's account on its platform blocked. The blocking took place on Monday evening. A reason did not call the Twitter. On the page of @AnonNewsDE only says: "Twitter blocks accounts that violate Twitter rules". For some users the process is incomprehensible. On the platform, resistance is forming under #FreeAnonNewsDe.

Further excitement was caused by the naming of a well-known German juice producer. So it is said on the Anonymus website that they know Hildmann's suppliers. "We know that Voelkel as a manufacturer of Daisho is finally out and we understand why that was such a start for the company: who grants a 6-digit loan, money that Attila has long since spent, must consider everything well." (sic!) A rumor subsequently circulated on Twitter that Hildmann had been "kept afloat" by the loan from the Voelkel company.

Although the juice producers had bottled Hildmann's own energy drink in the past, the collaboration was terminated in the cancelled last year. In a statement dated 7. May 2020 it says: "We distance ourselves in all clarity from the rhetoric Attila Hildmanns made in recent days. Basis of our cooperation with the brand Daisho are the environmental and animal protection as well as the respect of a free democratic basic order. We have the filling for the brand Daisho stopped."

On inquiry of our editorship writes Voelkel in relation to the Loan: "The loan was of course Before he is crazy. During the time we bottled Daisho for him." The loan agreement was on 8. May 2020 terminated in response to radicalization and demanded repayment. "This was preceded by the unsuccessful attempt on Hildmann to exert a moderating influence And then an in-depth legal review of our options. The loan has not been settled to date.The company has been involved in refugee aid for years and supports the association "Laut gegen Nazis" ("Loud against Nazis"). The alleged proximity to racism: "A horror topic for us," says the company.

Attila Hildmann calls Folgschaft to destroy evidence

On Tuesday morning, Hildmann addressed his followers directly in a voice message on Telegram. They are to destroy as soon as possible all evidence found in connection with the anti-Semitic portal "wtube" stand, a small portal after the model of YouTube, which was played by Hildmann and his followers.

So Hildmann appeals to "all comrades who have uploaded something that is the truth in the FRG, but is criminally relevant. You can ame that you get a visit." With these words Hildmann alludes to the Holocaust denial of some conspiracy narratives. In Germany, it is illegal under § 130 para. 3 of the Criminal Code forbids to publicly approve, trivialize or deny the National Socialist genocide of the European Jews. Hildmann appeals emphatically: "Yourshould all Delete Disk, so that they do not get evidence. Get yourselves fast a new cell phone. Clean up your regular laptop, stash it with family or colleagues."

Hildmann's data could become relevant under criminal law

The hackers also make serious accusations against Berlin-based Justice. The public prosecutor's office in the capital has been investigating Hildmann for months for Incitement of the people, Threat and insult in several cases. However, when the district attorney's office applied for an arrest warrant against him in February, the former vegan chef got wind of it.

According to investigations of WDR and "Suddeutscher Zeitung" he was Mole from judicial circles informed. Hildmann set himself off abroad. Anonymous now announced to publish new information about the events.

Hildmann confirms incidents on Telegram

Towards "", Hildmann's former IT employee also raises his own accusations against the Berlin judiciary. Thus he has allegedly criminally relevant videos from Hildmann's platform "wtube" to the authorities. These would not have reacted however. The former employee warned to "" impressively before radical followers of Hildmann. There would be Followers, who are ready for everything, he is quoted by the portal.

Hildmann itself has itself in the meantime in a smaller Telegram channel by Voice message commented on the allegations. It confirms the procedures. "All my channels are now gone. All domains have been taken over by the person with a Lie caped", says Hildmann. In addition, he had also lost control of his store and could therefore currently no longer sell his products.

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