Attac in the crisis?

The once-celebrated globalization critical organization has arrived in the normality

The globalization-critical organization Attac has recently ended its summer academy in Karlsruhe. As in previous years, the press does not love to take this time to fuel the summer hole with news from the inner life of this organization. But the sound has changed. In almost no article, the indication lacked that Attac is no longer so young. However, a social movement that came to the years has lost the sympathetonus that one gives her earlier. What you love Attac once as sympathetic and new to go through, now becomes a drawback. Network between globalization criticism and grocery store Certified the Frankfurter Rundschau, although exactly this structure Attac previously designed as a plus. The daily newspaper Attac arrived in the darn 6 year: "Funf up to six years – long has not given the 68 APO. The time of peace movement in the 80s did not take long. So it was not surprisingly, if in six after the basic ATTAC is baking. The globalization-critical movement was not the first one, which disappears from the picture area after just a few years."

Thus, the author has taken the core of the confrontation and dealt with lawsuits that work out that Attac has become so normal and virtually boring. Even the Middle East Conflict Tiefe nothing more for a tangible quarrel. This must be discovered for this new conflict lines, for example between the "Generation Internship" and the Altlinken in the organization. This is then more likely to discuss in the media than Attac, but always ensures some media attention. Because indeed, the times are passing where in the Buros of Attac the Telefone Heibs, and media representatives wanted to have a position of the Attac coordination circle to almost any political question.

Fate of a social organization

Thus Attac only works the course of each institutionalizing social movement. After the media hype follows a phase of benevolent curiosity, then the first criticism comes and finally becomes usually the boredom or. the crisis proclaimed. Only the reports about the anti-Hartz movement or the various study protests are to be regarded in order to meet this scheme again and again. The globalization-critical movement had reached its high point with the protests of Prague, Genoa and Goteborg in 2001. Mass repression, seriously injured and in Genoa even a deader showed the boundaries of movement on the strain. From this, Attac as an organization, which was a collecting basin for many activists during this time, and was first prevents rapid defectionation. The globalization-critical movement is dead – it live Attac, hide the motto for coarse parts of the media.

The first criticism then did not come from the middle of the company but from left-left groups. Attac was accumulated there was a teared capitalism criticism that could even have an open flank to anti-Semitism. That may have provided in some basic groups of Attac for debates, the head had no ear for it. They sought the bundry with the unions and organized a perspective congress together. One wanted to be a recognized organization and searched for serious Bundnispartner. During this time there were the first disputes on the price of the establishment at Attac. Some basic members wondered if the covenization with the unions has become a reluctance of their own positions. The ancient dispute between real-versus fundamental policy had reached Attac in the form of a lane air. You only need to take the violent conflicts in the green or environmental movement for comparison to see that at ATTAC can not be talked about by a basic dispute.

Learn from France?

At the moment, Attac-France is a much sharp. At the last General Assembly in the middle of June, the directional fight broke openly and has since brought the organization since then. In the discussion, it was about the question of whether Attac can survive as a network or a tighter organization better. The different positioning for the prassident elections in the next year plays an important role. Straight Attac-France has long had an important pioneering role for a long time for Germany. But today you will be getting carefully be careful with the slogan "learn from France", which will otherwise be strapaced in the social movements.

Some Attac activists look rather on a small town on the Baltic Sea. In the Seebad Heiligendamm will go in June 2007 the G8 meeting over the bean. Different protest firms are already theoretically and practically before. Not a few Attac activists hope for a repetition of the Genoa effect and put on the way through the protests politicized again find the way to Attac.

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