Arson in cologne church

Arson in cologne church

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In Cologne-Longerich, unknown perpetrators used disinfectant to set a bench on fire. Property damage remained low and no one was harmed. Police are now looking for witnesses.

Unknown perpetrators set fire to a pew in the Catholic parish church of Cologne-Longerich. According to police on Friday, the perpetrators had spread disinfectant from a dispenser installed in the church on the bench and then apparently put a burning seat cushion on it.

The crime occurred on Thursday between 4 and 6 p.m. The flames went out again by themselves, the sexton noticed the incident in the evening. The damage to property remained low, people were not harmed.

Witnesses are being sought

Police are investigating on suspicion of attempted aggravated arson, and the state criminal investigation office assisted with evidence recovery at the scene.

Investigators are looking for witnesses who can provide information on the facts of the case. These can contact under the telephone number 0221 2290 or by E-Mail to post [email protected] turn.

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