Arms commissioned on behalf of the socom

Arms commissioned on behalf of the SOCOM

Grenades of Krusik in an Al-Nusra video

According to lactic documents, masses of Eastern Europe were brought to Syria and ammunition not used by the US militar – even with diplomatic flights

After lactic documents has a unit with the name "Task Force Smoking Gun" of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which has been stationed in the Croatian city of Podhum since 2017, brought tons of weapons and ammunition from Eastern Europe to Syria. During the billions-heavy CIA program for training and armament "greeable" Syrian Camphor, the Operation Timber Sycamore, for failure in the summer of 2017 was set by US Prasident Donald Trump, the SOCOM continues to be able to continue to be able to procure the delivery of weapons from Serbia and Bulgaria not only for the Kurds of the SDF. Already at Operation Timber had become clear that the weapons ultimately landed (or end up at Al-Nusa?To).

The documents published by Armswatch are intended to occupy weapons between the US government and the State Serb’s Rusting Group Krusik, which served, "Non-standard"-Weapon Soviet design that can not be associated with the USA, for the Pentagon program for the training and equipment of "mourned" To get struggle in Syria and deliver with airplanes of American companies Atlas Air and Kalitta Air over Qatar. This is from tolerated, emails, memos, photos, weapons lists with numbers and your buyers.

This is not new, such arms deliveries were revealed by Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (Birn) with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) already in 2017 (arms transport from Balkans over Saudi Arabia to Syria). It also became known that SOCOM became a teammate from May 2015. But now new details about organization, co-helpers and transport routes are added.

Armswatch, founded by the Bulgarian journalist and Middle East correspondent Dilyana Gaystandzhieva, has set itself the task of clarifying arms deliveries in conflict areas. Her investigative work was touched as she died during the fight for Aleppo 2016 on full-scale weapons camps of Al-Nusra / HTS. The weapons, including degrees missiles and snap heads, manufactured by the Vasovian machine factory (VZM) in Sopot, came from Bulgaria. In the course of your research, in 2017, she recruited from Anonymous Bulgaria Leaked documents from the Azerbaijan Embassy, after which there is an airbrucke for weapons from the Balkans to Saudi Arabia.

The State Azerbaijani airline Silk Way Airlines has carried out between 2014 and 2017 in the joint documents on behalf of the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by the three hundred fun fifty flights under diplomatic status. The diplomatic flights, approved by the Bulgarian government to secure the businesses for the Bulgarian rusts of VMZ, Arsenal and Dunarit have the advantage that they are not controlled.

Arms commissioned on behalf of the SOCOM

Aircraft of the American company Kalitta Air, commissioned weapons u.a. to have been transported to Qatar at the airport of Rijeka on Krk.

From 2017, from 2017, the airport of Rijeka was also on Krk, after the Pentagon had the companies that were dealt with the deliveries at the end of December 2016, the weapons no longer delivered to Germany, since they had become tricky there. So in September 2016 Bulgarian ammunition was ordered worth 16 million US dollars for camps in Syria and Iraq. They should first be delivered to Germany, as shown in a document, were then diverted to Krk. In addition, there was a ship connection between Bulgaria and Jidda, which were also delivered to weapons.

Dilyana Gayandzhieva says she lost her job at the daily newspaper TRUD, when she had reported in 2017 on the creations with diplomatic flights. After a hearing by the Bulgarian secret service, it was probably dismissed on prere from Azerbeidschan, which, of course, denounces the Trud owner, who is also editor-in-chief.

Weapon deals with many intermediate handlers

The weapons originating by Serbia were purchased from the American companies Sierra Four Industries, Orbital ATK, Global Orgnance and UDC if the lusted documents should be authentic. You should get such weapons on behalf of the Pentagon, which are not used by the US militar. According to glare, US governmental and contractors seem to order the weapons, to have reviewed and accepted, some have also been awarded some of their commitment of the Syrian and Iraqi training and equipment protection program for the CENTRAL COMMAND. More precisely for that "Non-standard ammunition", which is not used by the US militar, from Eastern Europe.

A British weapon handler also seems to have been involved in 2016, to deliver thousands of grenades from the Serbian Rustun Group Krusik Uber Kuwait on behalf of an American company allegedly to the Iraqi Defense Ministry. The payment was made over another British company. Krusik said after the documents, however, one need a permit of the Serbian government, as a receptionist called Romania here. It must be made clear that the weapons remain in Romania and for what purpose they should be used. It seemed obviously without.

However, according to the hand-handed agreement, it was concluded between the American company Sierra Four Industries and Krusik, the payment of nearly 8 million US dollars was followed by the Ubert not further involved UK. The whole matter makes even more complicated that the sum indicated under this contract at the US Federal Contracts Registry for SOCOM amounts to almost 14.5 million. Are there 6.5 million?

Grenades of Krusik in a weapon camp of militants found in June 2019 by the Syrian army.

The weapons seem to have been brought to Croatia in a US military depot near the airport of Rijeka, not to Romania or Kuwait. From there, they were transported by the two American airlines to Qatar to the Air Force Point Al Udeid, sometimes with the same flight number such as CMB514, so that some flights can no longer be verified. Between November 2017 and January 2018 were almost 100.000 grenades of Serbia to Croatia brought into the SOCOM weapon camp.

According to the documents, other companies were involved in weapons, which should probably run under the hand and where the final consumption is not indicated. Once it was the US Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center. An American company that works for the Pentagon and involved in deliveries by Krusik Uber Jugoimport SDPR demanded in emails that your name is nowhere to appear on the deliveries.

Grenades of the Serbian manufacturer can also be recognized on propaganda films of Al-Nusra Ofter. Most recently, those were found in a subterranean weapon camp in Al Houla in Homs used by militants.

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