Alienation from the faith as a central problem

Alienation from the faith as a central problem

Followed up: Former Pope Benedict XVI. Feels misunderstood in abuse debate. At the same time, he again deplores an absence of the word "God" in Catholic theology and in Western society as a whole.

In a short contribution for the latest ie of the "Herder Korrespondenz" Benedict XVI criticizes., that his essay on the church abuse scandal, published in April, had been widely misreceived.

"Alienation from the faith is the central problem"

Many reactions to his remarks confirmed him in his view that godlessness and alienation from the faith were the central problem, he added. For him, the debates showed "the seriousness of a situation in which the word God seems to be marginalized even in many cases in theology".

In an essay published in April in the "Clerical Gazette," the pope emeritus had stressed that the central reason for the extent of the abuse crisis lies "in the absence of God". Benedict XVI. added: "We Christians and priests also prefer not to speak of God, because this speech does not seem to be practical."A society with an absent God is a society in which "the measure of the human" is increasingly lost.

However, the ensuing debate in the public, church, and theological spheres had focused primarily on the former pope's comments about the role of the 1968 movement, which he had made in the same paper.

"Physiognomy of the 68 Revolution"

In addition Benedict XVI had. declared that it was part of the "physiognomy of the '68 revolution" that pedophilia was also permitted. In the same period, a collapse of social values and also a "collapse of Catholic moral theology" occurred, which also left parts of the church "defenseless against the processes in society".

Also in various seminaries "homosexual clubs were formed, which acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries".

Critics then accused the former church leader of describing modernity only as a story of decay and of cultivating his own prejudices. Homosexuality in itself not a cause of child abuse, he said. Moreover, there has been abuse throughout the history of the Church and also in societies that were not touched by the '68 movement. Also of a decay of the catholic moral theology can be no speech. But norms are subject to change.

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