Aldi tvs: hdr-capable 4k tvs from medion with 55- and 65-inch diagonals

Aldi-tvs: hdr capable 4k-tvs from medion with 55- and 65-inch diagonals

Aldi takes two Medion TVs in the offer, which show 3840 × 2160 pixels (Ultra HD), the X16500 on 1.64 meters screen diagonal the X15515 on 1.39 meters screen diagonal. They integrate an HD tuner for satellite, cable and antenna, as well as a card slot for the CI+ module. You can stream videos from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on them, even in HDR quality. Both displays support HDR 10 and also the dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision. The maximum luminance of 350 cd specified for both of them.

Medion wants to help out with micro dimming so that the display still has a sufficiently high contrast. What exactly that means, however, remains open for the time being. In the better case, this is real local dimming with corresponding control of the backlight LEDs distributed evenly over the backlight. More likely and more appropriate to the TV price, however, is that the TV only adjusts the display via pixel brightness.

The excessively high black level in HDR mode has been a weak point of Medion TVs so far. Interestingly, Medion specifies a static in-picture contrast of 1200:1 for the 65-inch model, which seems realistic, but gives a proud 6000:1 for the smaller model.

Fluid movements

Medion has given the device a motion compensation, thanks to which the display of fast scenes is supposed to be more fluent. This was previously reserved for the 100 euro more expensive Medion TVs. We’re not fans of the intermediate image calculation, but without compensation options, jerks can be quite annoying, for example during camera movements. In this respect, Medion’s MEMC called "Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation" has to be buried.

In the Medion X15502 tested by us in November, the missing compensation turned out to be very annoying. Since Medion doesn’t mention the panel in detail, we ame a 50 Hz panel. It could therefore be a bit lame for gamers.

Smart functions

The operating system of the X16500 and X15515 could be a derivative of Vestel, which also provides Internet access. The app store for Medion TVs is usually provided by Foxum, although the app selection is quite limited compared to that of smart TVs running Android OS (Sony, Philips), WebOS (LG) or Tizen (Samsung). For Amazon and Netflix there is usually a direct button on the remote control, the home page is reached via the home button, the app store via the Medion button.

Both current TV models have a video recorder function for recording TV programs from public broadcasters onto connected USB media. The PVR function belongs with many other offerers in favorable devices to the strike candidates.

Signal inputs

The manufacturer has given the Smart TVs four HDMI 2.0 inputs – usually favorable devices have only two or three HDMI ports. With VGA and video, Medion has also integrated two analog inputs. Owners of old notebooks or video recorders will appreciate this, but for other players it’s better to use the digital transmission path via HDMI.

In addition, there is a SPDIF output and a jack for headphones – this has been rationalized away by many TV manufacturers. However, the Medion TVs do not have Bluetooth on board. Those who want to connect BT headphones must therefore use a USB dongle. The audio quality of the built-in sound system was allowed to be on a similarly low level as in the X15502 or the Medion X14907 tested in spring 2019, because they lack a subwoofer. This can only be found in the slightly more expensive Medion TVs like the X16533.

Less expensive than comparable TVs

The Medion X15515 is available from June 25 for. June for 299 euros in all Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud stores. The coarser X16500 is currently only available online. Interested parties can order it for 549 euros at Aldi Sud. In the service "Aldi delivers" delivery is included in the price in all cases.

Medion is currently alone in the field with its competitive prices. 55-inchers with roughly comparable features can only be found for around 150 euros more, for example from Hisense, Toshiba, Philips, Samsung and LG. The situation is similar for the 65-inchers: Here, too, the price of other models with comparable equipment is 100 euros and more above the Medion offer. But of course, the equipment does not say anything about the picture quality.

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