Al gore: more money for it research

For the information technology of the 21. Century

The American Viceprasident Al Gore has been explored to invest another 366 million US dollars in IT research as part of the budget for the symbolent year. This is an increase of 28 percent. This intritiative was also given a name: "Information technology for the 21. century" or who this is too long, "It2". 60 percent of this budget should lead to the universities, the rest in the research claim of the National Science Foundation, the Ministry of Defense, NASA or the National Institutes of Health.

In the past, so Gore, the government demanded research with the Internet, the first graphic browsers or faster microprocessors helped to secure the company’s leading position in information technology. This sector is now already responsible for a third of American economic growth and employed 7.4 million people who relate 60 percent higher salary compared to the American average salary. Information technology changes our entire life. Further progress allows for better education, a better life for disabled, better health care through telemedicine – and are considerably crucial for the safety of the country. Only recently, Bill Clinton had demanded more money for the CyberTerrorism’s evasion.

It was totally to this initiative by the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee, which had criticized the government to invest too little money in long-term IT research, as it is not required by the private sector. So you follow the advice and wants to put more money into basic research. Al Gore, who has been discreetly known in the press release, announced twenty years ago the concept of information superhighway and the Americans "An exciting vision of the potential of information technology" also offered, also formulates what he was wan as a result of investment in research.

Computers should be built who speak, horns and understand human language and can put a language into the other. Intelligent agents should finally remove the work, in the "huge data zoom" to take care of information. Simulations running on supercomputers to which all scientists of the United States have access to new scientific and technical discoveries. The infrastructure of networks should be created with which "Hundreds of billions" Connect computers and other devices. Several thousand times faster computers than today’s supercomputers, probably quantum or organic computers, better analyzes and predictions of complex processes such as climate change should be measured. And last but not least, a more complex but still easier to handle software are produced, with whom you can operate with coarse security the central systems of the infrastructure.

But the currently surviving Fullhorn should also ensure that people will be able to keep up with the information society. Without the old cultural techniques reading and writing, you are still lost, so much sometimes mine that images usually replace the font. Therefore, Al Gore proposes to invest another 128 million US dollars so that the children learn to read better. "In an increasingly factory of information and technology economy, read and the ability to learn strategic skills. We have to help all our children learn to master and read the basics so they in the 21. Century can be successful."

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