“Aggiornamento” also for the cdu

Hermann Kues (CDU), a long-time member of the Bundestag and state secretary for family affairs, took stock of the event. In his book "What holds church and society together?. Pragmatic politics in Christian responsibility" he writes about his experiences as a Christian in politics. Why the CDU needs an "Aggiornamento", he justifies in our site interview.

The raised forefinger on the cover is deceptive. State Secretary for Family Affairs Hermann Kues (CDU) does not read the riot act to the church in his new book. Nor does it take Munich's Cardinal Reinhard Marx to task, as the photo on the cover might suggest. "What holds church and society together," is the title. Kues, who has been in the Bundestag since 1994 and will leave the parliament next year at his own request, presents a kind of political balance sheet.

He has never seen his public commitment as separate from his church commitment and his Christian confession. But that it is not only a matter of harmony and friendliness, that it is also a matter of hard struggle between politics and churches, between bishops and laity, he explains in his book. For more than ten years, Kues was spokesman for basic political ies in the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK); for the CDU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Kues was spokesman for church policy. The native of Emsland was involved in the important conflict topics of the past 20 years between church and politics.

Hermann Kues, "What holds the church and society together?. Pragmatic politics in Christian responsibility." With a foreword by Cardinal Reinhard Marx. Echter Verlag Wurzburg 2012.

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