Afd: “we are the good european”

AFD:'wir sind die guten europaer'

Alexander Gauland on the party congress: "We are the good European". Image: Screenshot of YouTube video

AfD wants to democratize the EU by abolishing the EU Parliament, the emergence from the eurozone, possibly the Dexit and supervision the enforcement allegedly national interests

The European Program of the AfD was adopted yesterday at the Europa Party Day. The party expects to be able to send 20 deputies to the EU Parliament. The list of more candidates was also established under the lead of top candidate Jorg Muthen. But simultaneously, with the demand for abolition of the EU Parliament and with a Dexit, an exit Germany from the EU and an exit from the eurozone, mood. This was probably due primarily to the Wahler in East Germany, to which the AfD in the European elections but also in the upcoming state elections. In view of the Tumults around Brexit is amazing that one hopes for a positive effect from the demand for a leaving Germany. And whether the East Germans also have the nostalgia after the D-Mark as a healing preservation, seems doubtful.

However, as an anti-euro and anti-EU party, the AFD has already started when the course was not so clear in the legal national, even if the mood was already in the direction. Also the parole of one "Europe of the Fatherlander" or a "Europe of nations", So from a Europe of the nationalists, nothing is new. One was not an anti-European, said Meutes, but the EU as a states network does not fit in the picture of the identisturen nationalists, although the nation states usually started and creating minoritats and new conflicts, which still boiled today or again. "We are the good European", propagated Gauland.

The horror is an EU as "State with legislative competence and its own government" as well as one "Superstate" or the idea of "United States of Europe" in the leading application. You do not want something new, even if the nation state, allzumal in Germany, also a historically young invention and political idea. "Volkssouveranitat" Can only exist according to the AFD ideologues in a historically educated – Volkish National State. Here is only one "National identity", During it does not give a European people?.

At the same time democracy seems to the "National identity" to be bound to a people: "Only in national states with a democratic emphasis can be the people’s benefit and fundamental rights of the burger as heart-butt of democracy are lived and preserved." This is pure assertion, and in Europe, there are also claims for sovereignty by cleavation of "National states" Approximately in Spain, Great Britain or Belgium, in the Balkan there was therefore not too terrible before.

Appointment for Dexit is accessed

Instead of actually desiring the expansion of democracy at the EU level, the Afdlers complain about just that "Filding around particulate interests of individual states and lobby Klungel", that with yours "Europe The Fatherlander were still deepening. The democratic control is inadequate, is correctly established, the solution that hardly anyone will be able to understand is just the abolition of the alleged "undemocratic" EU Parliament. Instead, one wants one "European Assembly" With delegates, which are sent by the national parliaments, a restriction of the rights of the Wahler, which is aimed only national elections, at European level is after the turmoil logic undemocratic.

And one is of course against the "Earning salary and supply of EU-Burokrats", But you do not read that the new AFD parliamentarians have been waived the degree of salvation. You do not want "EU taxes" and the EU levies should reduce one " Common unemployment insurance or social union" is rejected because the "High social standards in Germany A populous cause for illegitimate migration in Europe" are

The demand for a dexite or one "ordered dissolution of the European Union and the primrication of a new European economic and interest group" seems good in the opinion of the delegates. Actually, you also wanted to take an appointment for yourself, as if the AFD could already achieve a majority in Germany in 5 years after a legislative period. 89 percent of the members had pronounced an EU exit as the last option. The party measure turned against the appointment. Party leader Alexander Gauland designated this as utopia, but recommended realism. Muthen recommended, a resignation vague "reasonable time" to consider if the EU reform provided by the AFD does not take place. So quickly you do not want to handle your strength-likely well-resolved item.

The identity of the European cultural nations must be maintained under all circumstances

But interesting is also what else is in the program. For example, there will be one for the AFD Germany "Fuhrungsrolle within the European community" warned. The European program is a program of German politics, in coarse towers can not be considered nationalist. The ideas on European Aufenpolitik ultimately go out to better enforce the German interests and find a center between the US and Russia. It is called one end of sanctions, a normalization of relations with Russia and the expansion of North Stream 2. Turkey has nothing to look for in Europe, the Syrian escapeons should be deported immediately. A European army is rejected that NATO is further maillable, which was not allowed to delight all AFD sympathizers. For that the Bundeswehr is to be rusted.

Development aid should also be in the sense of the "Maintaining the self-interests of the donorlander" and as "Helping people help themselves" Organized, weapons exports in crisis regions is rejected, free trade is the best development aid.

Nothing new is there regarding migration policy and antimusimism. the "European civilization" Become through the politics of the elites and institutions "In existential danger" tot. "Hundreds of millions" Were a migration, there are only "4 million men of German origin aged 20 to 35 years". Consted is a "demographic decline" Because of the falling birth rate. And in catastrophes manner: "The border official policy will result in a culture abort of historical ejections and constantly focuses on the principles developed in Europe and democracy developed since the declaration in Europe." Man must have the "Identity of European cultural nations under all circumstances", What suggests that there are no cultural nations and no democracy elsewhere. The escape and the migration pact of the UN are rejected. The asylum law, also emerged in response to the German crimes, should be healed, a recording should only be "voluntary basis" take place.

because "Mass immigration itself an escape cause (is) that needs to be excited", should "Remigration programs", So deportations, in coarse style. You also want national border controls and the abolition of the Schengen area and the reliability.

Despite antimusimism, a similar family policy with illiberal formulations is maintained: "The AFD is committed to the classical mission statement of the family, in the father and mother in permanent joint responsibility for their children. Other forms of living together should be respected, but not to be demanded. We pursue equal opportunities for women and manner, but reject equality measures according to gender ideology with their stigmatization of traditional gender roles." The AFD also speaks against abortion, that’s usually only a problem of women. Yes, and clear: "Climate protection policy is therefore a wrong pathway." That’s why you are also for lignite and for nuclear power.

The environmental protection is also leveraging: "Nitrate and nitrate oxide limits are realistic distances, gangules consumers and cost workplaces." One attempts to apply to the car industry and further demand coarse cars with internal combustion engines, since one "Abolition of private transport" be sought. Although Wolfe belongs to the European tradition, one wants to know nothing in this case: "The AFD hold Wolfe for a species that fits badly in our grown cultural landscape." Traditions you can stop like this and so.

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