“Accusations cannot be substantiated”

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The accusations raised in the case of the Catholic day-care center Maria Konigin in Mainz-Weisenau could not be substantiated in the course of the investigations by the public prosecutor's office so far. This is reported by the Mainz "Allgemeine Zeitung.

In June, information from parents had become known, according to which sexual assaults, the use of violence and cases of erpreng had occurred among children in the daycare center over a longer period of time. The diocese of Mainz accused the educational staff of the daycare center, which was attended by more than 50 children, of the most serious violations of their supervisory duties and filed criminal charges. The responsible administrative board of the Weisenau parish Maria Himmelfahrt terminated the staff – six educators including the director and one educator – without notice. The kindergarten was closed.

Predominantly exculpatory findings

With regard to the investigations, which have not yet been completed, the Chief Public Prosecutor in Mainz, Andrea Keller, told the "Allgemeine Zeitung": "According to the state of the investigation so far, the allegations have not been substantiated. There have been predominantly exculpatory findings."

Reaction of the Mainz vicariate general

The Vicar General of Mainz, Dietmar Giebelmann, reacted to the newspaper report on Tuesday by stating "that the action of the diocese of Mainz after the allegations became known was necessary and required". At the time, the parents' accusations were credible. This would have confirmed specialists, and the public prosecutor's office took up its investigations for this reason.

Giebelmann went on to say that in the event of a serious suspicion of a violation of supervisory duties, action must be taken to avert possible further harm to children. Referring to the still ongoing investigation, Giebelmann said that a final evaluation is not yet possible.

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