A gift for the cardinal

On the occasion of his 75th birthday. On the occasion of his 75th birthday, Joachim Cardinal Meisner asks for donations for the "Casa Angela" in Bad Munstereifel. Casa Angela" is a place of refuge for girls who do not know where to go. Watch a video portrait here.

Casa Angela" has become a permanent contact point for many young women who are burdened in various ways as they start their adult lives: terrible experiences of domestic violence, abuse or emotional exploitation prevent them from tackling the tasks ahead with confidence and self-arance. Many childhood and adolescent injuries permanently destabilize them. They need help to break out of this cycle and take control of their own lives. Marlene Buchel has been running "Casa Angela" in Bad Munstereifel, an open house for girls and young women aged 12 to 25, since 1994. The basic idea of the voluntary work is the formation of the personality of the young people and the development of a stable self-esteem. The help is varied: it ranges from very practical things such as joint sports activities to creative design, housework to train independence, offers for spiritual development and religious education to support in starting a career such as writing job applications or preparing resumes. Overnight accommodations are also available at "Casa Angela" for emergency situations.Marlene Buchel wants to make young women aware of their dignity and supports them in crucial life situations: This may be continuing their school education or reconciling with their parents and family. In a specific case, it may also be a matter of deciding against an abortion. The initiative cooperates with public social service providers such as Caritas, the Women's Shelter, the Workers' Welfare Association or the social workers of parishes and schools.A support association, also founded in 1994, covers about 45 percent of the running costs with its membership fees: it maintains the event rooms of the "Casa Angela" and pays their ancillary costs; it organizes consumables, food, cleaning, travel costs and postage. The remaining 55 percent has been covered by donations and, when necessary, by Marlene Buchel's private initiative. All costs incurred refer to material resources; the work of the helpers is voluntary..In the future, "Casa Angela" would also like to work more preventively. Therefore, young women should be taught independence at an early age. For this purpose, they are instructed in housekeeping, among other things. This requires appropriate work equipment such as a sewing machine and hand tools. In addition, "Casa Angela" needs new equipment: a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, and a refrigerator with a freezer compartment would make everyday life easier.The association also wants to support the start or re-entry into professional life: To this end, training in the use of PCs, e-mail and the Internet, scanning and digital photography is essential. Technical skills round out job application training. For this the association needs the necessary equipment. In addition to factual and professional preparation, the association also seeks to help address personal life ies holistically.. Friendship, love and sexuality are considered in their importance for the life plan. This is to develop responsibility for one's own life and the life entrusted to one's care. The association supports this through a "Teen Star Course", which will be offered at "Casa Angela" starting in January 2009. Among other things, specialist literature and presentation equipment are needed for this purpose.Archbishop's donation account to mark his 75th birthday. Birthday: PAX Bank eG, bank code 370 601 93, account number 5 50 50, keyword "Casa Angela" – address and contact: Casa Angela, Marlene Buchel, Mahlberger Str. 28, 53902 Bad Munstereifel-Schonau, Tel. 0 22 53/81 75 – Sponsoring association: Association for the promotion of the work "leisure time life in the house of the meeting in bath Munstereifel-Schonau" e.V., c/o Christoph Konopka, Langemarckstr. 56a, 53227 Bonn, Tel. 02 28/4 29 96 45; bank details: Volksbank Euskirchen, bank code 382 600 82, account number 300 584 90 11, keyword "Casa Angela"

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