A force word for the rough coalition

Double strategy in the election campaign of the SPD

The Social Democratic Chancellor’s candidate appeals to his comrades not to give up hope for a red-grune majority in the next Bundestag, still be elections to the SPD, best by ringing at their home tour. That "thing" will "decided on a swing of a few percent".

The North Rheinwestfalian Minister Presentess Hannelore force, without nothing going on. State Chancellery North Rhine-Westphalia / Photo: Peters-Jochum

Madtically, that is probably true. But who wife, whether these pairs move towards Steinbruck’s party; There is no ranking on the NSA scandal, leading social democrats are not uninvolved at the long-term waiver of fundamental rights in favor of the gross brother, and somehow the burgers have noticed that.

In the last phase of the election campaign it comes to the "Mobilize" at. The feelings, the SPD will not come to the most demanded rule, can have a lame, votes cost. So skeptical sympathizers must also be offered a perspective – if not for the first, then at least for the second role of the SPD in the art federal government.

"Double strategy" Was already a magic word in the coarse times of the boysocialists. So it came to the force word: The North Rhinewestfalian Minister Presentess, as the most popular Social Democratic politics person demonstrated demosopically, announced the media, if necessary, their party is also ready to coalition with the CDU / CSU. Said that does not have anyone, Hannelore power is considered angerter on even higher officials, and at the same time to their coalition of coalition, she received in the "Frankfurter general" A full-sided alert under the title "Without them nothing runs".

With saving activities after a failure Steinbruck, she has experience; as the SPD under its guided in her "Trunk" NRW In 2005, the majority lost the majority of the parliamentary area in the state parliament, in the opposition, and five years later she became ministerial prospective. The guided party to the opposition banks in the Bundestag, however, will certainly not want to take over, she’s rather ruling to rule. Whether as a vice-chancellor in a coalition with the CDU / CSU, under Angela?

Probably this is not, this role can then take over a man’s power from the social democratic wiring wars. Then chancellor candidate in the election 2017? That does not have to be. Hannelore, so the smell in the above newspaper, "Draw it into the Schlob Bellevue", Also 2017 goods of this change fally.

A rough coalition in the federal government had its advantages for a force occupation of the Federal President Office. And in the indebted and proprietary country NRW as an ever stricter home mother, is not pleasable in the duration, not even for a fairly luck politician who, as the FAZ notes recognizing, understand well, "deprolitiate", now "prasidial".

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