A first important step

A first important step

Representatives of federal politics have reacted positively to the announcement by the Bishops' Conference that it will adopt a system for recognizing the suffering endured by victims of abuse. Bishops plan to use civil law as a guide.

Catholic bishops to adopt system this week for recognizing suffering suffered by abuse victims. The chairman of the conference, Bishop Georg Batzing, said on Tuesday in Fulda that he sees the "great obligation" to pass appropriate resolutions at the autumn plenary assembly, which will last until Thursday.

They said it was about sums to be paid, but also about the installation of an advisory council for affected persons and a body that then decides on the payment to affected persons. Since Tuesday, the bishops have been meeting in Fulda at their autumn plenary session.

Orientation to the table of compensation for pain and suffering

According to a decision in principle in the spring, the church wants to be guided by the civil law table for compensation for pain and suffering. This currently provides for sexual abuse sums between 5.000 and 50.000 euros per case before. Previously, benefits of up to 400.000 euros under discussion. Currently, the Catholic Church pays victims of abuse an average of 5.000 euros.

The Vatican expert on abuse prevention, Hans Zollner, also hopes for an agreement among the German bishops on recognition payments for victims. "It would be good if they come to an understanding," the Jesuit told the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" (Tuesday) in Munich. For some of those affected, the ie is very important, said Zollner, who is a member of the Pontifical Commission for Child Protection. "They want to have measured what lost quality of life can be offset by money."

Reactions from politics

The Federal Government Commissioner for Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, said on request that he very much wished for the victims that a solution acceptable to them would be found. He said further delays were unreasonable.

Federal politicians also called on the Catholic Church to make payments. The bishops' conference must ensure clarity about payments for abuse victims, says the spokesman on religious policy for the FDP parliamentary group, Benjamin Strasser. The principles already agreed upon are an important first step, but the outstanding procedural ies must now be quickly clarified and made transparent.

The SPD's spokesman on religious policy, Lars Castellucci, stressed that he welcomed the signals from the bishops' conference. He said it was important to "compensate for what is irreparable. Compensating victims, he said, "always means more than just acknowledging suffering". He referred to the Victim Compensation Law, which is a proper basis for payments to victims. He also spoke out in favor of strengthening and financing the self-organization of victims.

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