60 Women endow new award for brunswick film festival

60 Women endow new award for brunswick film festival

Something is missing here. That was the impression Cornelia Rohse-Paul had at the opening of the 32. International Film Festival 2018 in Braunschweig. None of the awards were aimed at women. She wanted to change that. And appealed to female movie fans. About 60 of them have now joined forces to create a new award, "The Tilda".

The award is aimed at female directors at the beginning of their careers. Women are still underrepresented in the film industry, and films by women often don't get the attention they deserve, donors say. He said that this had just become clear again at the Venice Film Festival: Of 21 films in the main category, only two were directed by women.

"The award is also meant to be a political statement," says award founder Wibke Westermeyer. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the advancement of women in the film business, he said. What the female donors also want to show: Women can promote women. Because that's what's often missing in her eyes. Together they discussed the name of the award, the guidelines and the lineup of the jury. And have come to a consensus: The award should make diversity visible.

That goes for genre, plot and storytelling style. But also for the women directors themselves. The award is aimed at women of all backgrounds, skin color and sexual orientation. The five-member jury is also made up of women.

Nominated are six films from the otherwise still secret film program: "Adam" by Maryam Touzani (Morocco), "Love Mobil" by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss (Germany), "My End, Your Beginning" by Mariko Manoguch (Germany), "She's Missing" by Alexandra McGuiness (Ireland), "Song Without a Name" by Meline Leon (Peru) and "The Third wife" by Ash Mayfair (Vietnam).

For at least three years, it is to be the on 5.000 Euro prize. It will take place on 23. November awarded. More supporters can join.

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