Youth protection on salafist

The Syrian-Iraqi rebel group of Islamic State is watching small children at nights of prisoners

The group of Islamic state Iraq and Levante is an al-Qaeda-horn Salafist group fighting in Syria against the government army. That she operates a terror camp for children on the Syrian-Iraqi border has been known since June. Now new image documents show that the group can watch small children, if they beheaded prisoners.

On the recordings made by a photojournalist of 31. August this year is to see how a beard in the northern Syrian village of Keferghan near Aleppo, a caught and kneeling prisoners with a Sabel Kopft, during a group of armed he fired him. Then a different man stopped the chucked head of the prisoner in the air. On a low wall you can see a group of little boys who also observed the events. A little boy is passed by an adult at the hand very close to the clipped body.

In the prisoner and four other closed, whose execution of the photojournalist documented under backing his refractive stimulus, it was persons who demonstrated the Salafists to be members of governmental militias. A reproach that the folk group of the Alawites of Sunnitant rebels is often made a flat-rate: If an Alawit carries a uniform, he is a soldier and is executed – he does not wear, he must be a shabiha-militiamar and is only quite told. In this way one achieves that gross population parts flee and leave pure sunnitical areas.

Other minorities are becoming increasingly victims of Salafists, which often do not come from Syria themselves, but from the Caucasus, Central Asia, Sudostasia, North Africa, North America, Europe and the Gulf States. Saudi Arabia Feil a report of the magazine USA Today even 1.239 heavy criminals on the condition free that they participate in Syria at Jihad. Supposedly one pays the families of the criminals even sold.

Youth protection on Salafist

Single aspectants in Syria. Graphic: Telepolis

In Maalula, such commands last and penultimate week expelled a coarse part of the previously predominantly Christian residents and presented others before choosing between death and conversion. In the port city of Tartus, even Turkmen victims of clamping murder, which in Turkey the enthusiasm for the uprising in the neighboring country were now cooled.

A new study of the renowned militar consultant IHS Jane’s are at least half of the currently a total of 100.000 armed rebels in Syria Jihadists and 10.000 stand immediately under Al-Qaeda command. The rest follows mostly local warlords, which are difficult to separate between political goals and family economic interests. The Belgian Political Scientist and Local Kennor Pierre Piccinin, which was unlegally released from a multi-month captivity at Syrian rebels, has even gained the impression that it has one "Free Syrian army" (FSA), which still dominates the European and American media, are now only very conditioned. Instead, now had "Real bandits" take over the lead.

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