Women continue to advance

Women continue to make headway in the Bundeswehr. The number of female soldiers in the armed forces has more than tripled since 2001. Around 17,000, or about nine percent, of all professional and temporary soldiers are women. Over 2500 women are represented in officer careers. Women now study almost all subjects at the two Bundeswehr universities.

As the Defense Ministry further announced in Berlin on Monday, 40 percent of the female soldiers belong to the medical service, 22 percent to the armed forces base, 20 percent to the army. 11 percent serve in the air force and 7 percent in the navy. There are currently more than 380 female soldiers on foreign deployments. The first of the female soldiers recruited as of 2001 take up leadership roles as company commanders or company sergeants. Guttenberg satisfied Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) says he is very satisfied. "I am pleased that women are now the norm in the Bundeswehr," Guttenberg emphasized. The goal is to have 15 percent women in general careers and 50 percent in medical service careers.The former head of the Bundeswehr Georg Leber (SPD) had opened in 1975 the medical and music service for the women on a voluntary basis. But they were not allowed to serve with weapons in hand in combat units until 1. January 2001 start. ECJ cleared the way It was not until the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) of 11. January 2000 marked the turning point in the history of the Bundeswehr, paving the way for women to enter all military careers. The ECJ president announced at the time that Germany, too, must open up service at arms to women in its armed forces.At the time, this possibility had been fought for by Tanja Kreil, an electronics technician. She went to court and "defeated" the last bastion of men, which provided for service in combat units exclusively for the male sex. The women's associations cheered and pointed out that the opinion that women are exclusively responsible for the three "C's" – children, kitchen, church – belongs to the "old iron". Only in the ranks of the fighters of the "Kommandos Spezialkrafte" (KSK) no woman has made it yet. Only two female generals So far, only two women have risen to the rank of general in the armed forces. After Verena von Weymarn, who retired in 2004, Erika Franke became the second female Surgeon General with the golden epaulets.With practiced female hands, the combat aircraft "Tornado," "Transall" transport planes and military helicopters are already being flown. Female tank commanders pilot the "Leopard" heavy battle tank and the "Buffel" armored recovery vehicle. Psychologists have supported the thesis put forward by then Defense Minister Peter Struck (SPD) that more women would "do the Bundeswehr good". In the U.S., the most female soldiers The percentage of women in the world's armies varies. It ranges from less than one percent to 15 percent in the United States. American women who joined the armed forces celebrated their triumph in 1976. Military academies at West Point (Army), Annapolis (Navy) and Colorado Springs (Air Force) opened to female combatants. Scientific research shows that while men are superior to women on average in physical strength, women could usually outperform men in operations that require greater manual dexterity or persistent concentration.

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