Without top players to 9:3! Ssv neuhaus remains in lauerstellung

Without top players to 9:3! Ssv neuhaus remains in lauerstellung

The Table tennis men of SSV Neuhaus have won with a 9:3 over Hannover 96 II in lurking position for the autumn championship title in the Verbandsliga brought. The only thing ahead of the New Houses now is the MTV Eintracht Bledeln II.

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The SSV sextet traveled to Hanover weakened by replacements. SSV top player Niklas Beliaev and team chicks Jonathan Aretz called in sick with bronchitis and a cold. For the two stricken SSV players advanced Bjorn Dorrheide and Frank Kuthe to the team, formed the lower pair cross. Leading the SSV sextet for the first time this season was Serkan Ceylan and Uwe Bertram in the upper pair. Behind went Nils Baartz and Captain Gabor Nagy on the hunt for points.

Praise for Ceylan: "Serkan has returned to his old form"

96-Reserve also did not play with its best lineup. "They also had to do without some key players, which was very convenient for us. a victory without any doubts," said the SSV captain, who added: "We are very grateful to our reserve players. Frank helped us out already for the fifth time. He is our wild card and a testament to our team spirit in action."

According to Nagy, the three five-set matches won were the decisive factor for the success. The team boss was particularly pleased with the performance of Ceylan: "Serkan has finally found his way back to old form. That makes us all happy."

The SSV sextet is looking forward to the coming weekend: Two games are still open, but in view of the rising infection figures, an interruption is also conceivable. "Let's see if we can still finish the first half of the season. In fact, however, we expect an interruption," Nagy concludes.

SSV points: Nagy/Dorrheide, Bertram/Baartz, Ceylan (2), Bertram (2), Baartz, Nagy, Dorrheide.

Women's Verbandsliga

MTV Hattorf – SV Grun-Weib Stockse guest n. a. MTV won the match without a fight with 8:0. Due to the high Corona numbers, Green-White waived a trip to the event.

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