Who knew what?

Who knew what?

Theodore McCarrick © Andrew Medichini

The Vatican releases a report Tuesday on former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was punitively dismissed from the clergy in 2019 for moral misconduct.

According to the Vatican press office on Friday, the report lays out what church institutions knew about the allegations and how the decision to sanction proceeded.

McCarrick was archbishop of Washington from 2001 to 2006. He is accused of having sexually exploited candidates for the priesthood and young clergymen between 1970 and 1990, of abusing his position of power, and of having committed sexual acts against minors in at least two cases.

First ex-cardinal of the 21. The Pope of the Twentieth Century

Pope Francis dismissed him from the College of Cardinals in July 2018 and from the clergy in February 2019. In fall 2018, Francis ordered an investigation into the case by the Secretariat of State. According to the press release, the report covers McCarrick's life through 2017.

Criminal norms in cases of abuse have been tightened in several steps since 2001. Currently, the age limit for sexual abuse of minors is 18; previously, a victim under 16 was considered a minor. The statute of limitations no longer takes effect 5, but 20 years after the completion of the 18th year of life. Year of life of the victim. In particularly serious cases it can be annulled.

Proceedings of the Entlang

There are different procedures that lead to the Entlang from the clerical state. In any case, local bishops or religious superiors must quickly report the cases to the Roman faith authority after a preliminary examination. This decides whether the ecclesiastical process takes place locally or in the Vatican. After a trial at the local court, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the only appellate authority.

In addition, there is an administrative procedure, in which the Congregation for the Clergy decides. Even then an appeal is open to the accused. The pope can decree a special path: If due process is no longer an option because of the accused's advanced age, the head of the church can impose on him a secluded life of prayer and penance.

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