When everything is weighed in the balance

When everything is weighed in the balance

Anselm Green © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Benedictine Father Anselm Grun is disturbed by the aggressiveness he currently experiences in society. His personal drive, he said, is to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to people

"If someone advocates vaccination, he is insulted," the best-selling author told the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" (Friday). He is also not happy when everything is put on the gold scale and a shitstorm breaks loose.

His personal drive as a publicist and lecturer is to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to people in such a way that they find help for their lives, Grun said. In Germany, he said, the church doesn't have such a great reputation at the moment. "It's important to me that people realize that Christianity is not just about sexual abuse," the Benedictine emphasized. The faith has a tradition, which can help humans.

Electromobility: Green skeptical

Green believes it is wrong to focus solely on the electric car when it comes to mobility. The technology is not sufficient for long journeys. In the long run, hydrogen power for trucks, trains and airplanes probably makes more sense. But already today one could filter the exhaust gases with the Diesel substantially better, than that happens at present. In the end, you should have a "good mix" of hydrogen, electric and diesel, recommends the successful author, whose books have sold around 15 million copies worldwide.

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