“We demand action instead of words. Finally”

Various initiatives call for honest clarification and "finally action" © Fabrice Caterini-Inediz (KNA)

In a published "open letter to parishes affected by sexual abuse by priests or staff," initiatives call for documentation of abuse cases that is accessible to all.

"Fine words like 'shame and mourning' or papal letters do not help," it says literally; it must "finally follow deeds". In an open letter to church congregations, various initiatives call for a thorough reappraisal of abuse cases and independent abuse commissions that work according to uniform standards. In addition, there must be "adequate compensation" and the "honest will" to clarify the acts and to support those affected, he says.

Church fails to punish sexual offenses

As a current occasion the letter calls the report of a national jury over abuse in dioceses of the US state Pennsylvania in August. Among other things, as a reaction to this, the Pope had addressed a letter to Catholics worldwide, in which he deplores church failures in the punishment of sexual offenses against minors and speaks out for "zero tolerance".

The German Bishops' Conference will present the results of its research project on sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church at its fall plenary assembly in Fulda at the end of September.

Various initiatives such as the "Domspatzen" have signed on

Among the signatories of the letter are the "Corner Table", initiatives such as "Former Johanneum Homburg", "Abuse in the Brudergemeinde Korntal", "Domspatzen", "Abuse in Ahrensburg" and individual victims from the dioceses of Freiburg, Trier and Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

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