Warning against moral neglect

Warning against moral neglect

Swearing-in of Father Stefan Oster © dpa

Warning against moral neglect

Father Oster and Prime Minister Seehofer © KNA

Father Stefan Oster, appointed bishop of Passau, denounced the mass consumption of pornography and depictions of violence during his swearing-in ceremony for the Bavarian catching. As a youth pastor, he has encountered this practice again and again and is very concerned about it.

The barrier-free accessibility of pornography and depictions of violence on the Internet is tantamount to a blanket violation of the constitution, which seeks to protect young people from exploitation and moral neglect, Oster told members of the Bavarian state government and high-ranking church representatives in Munich on Thursday.

The order man appealed for a "broad shoulder conclusion" of politics, media, church and society against this above all by the Internet spread mass phenomenon. The production of such material is also contrary to the constitutionally required respect for the dignity of every human being. For children and adolescents, the consumption, often practiced for years as a matter of course, has negative consequences for the development of the brain and the formation of relationship skills.

At the ceremony in the Prinz-Carl-Palais, Oster, his right hand resting on a red bible, swore allegiance to "Germany and the state of Bavaria". The Salesian from Benediktbeuern will be ordained on the 24. He will succeed former bishop Wilhelm Schraml (78), who has been spending his retirement in Altotting since last fall.

Good Christians and and good citizens

The celebration was also attended by Oster's family, the president of the state parliament Barbara Stamm and the Apostolic Nuncio in Germany, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, who at the same time made his inaugural visit to Bavaria. In addition, the new bishop had invited a good dozen young people from his previous prayer group from Benediktbeuern.

In the formula prescribed by the Concordat between the Free State and the Holy See since 1924, the new bishop committed himself and his future diocesan priests to respect the constitutionally formed government. The pledge goes back historically to the medieval oath of fealty and is still practiced only in parts of Germany.

"Maintain your humanity and your cheerful spirit," wished Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) the new bishop and offered him on behalf of his government a trusting cooperation. Oster said he wants to help ensure in his new office "that the polity of the state also remains human". The founder of his order, Don Bosco, pursued the pedagogical goal of turning his young charges not only into good Christians, but also into good citizens.

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