Violations of eu requirements

Churches and human rights groups have strongly criticized a draft bill by the federal government on asylum and residence rights. The paper, on which the Bundestag's Interior Committee will hear experts Monday, violates European Union directives and contains unacceptable tightening of existing law, said Julia Duchrow of Amnesty International.

"Not considered according to EU requirements" Green Party politician Josef Winkler also pointed to planned deteriorations for refugees and warned against abandoning the 2004 immigration compromise. The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and the German Bishops' Conference ied a comprehensive statement on the draft and also criticized, among other things, that refugee protection was not taken into account in accordance with EU requirements.The planned law is intended to transpose eleven EU directives into German law. "At crucial points, however, the government refuses to budge," says Duchrow. For example, "according to EU directives, people from civil war zones should have a right of residence and protection against deportation. But the current draft does not provide for that".In addition, the possibilities of detaining refugees should be expanded. Not only police officers, but also employees of the immigration authorities should be authorized to do so in the future. "This will make people insecure, they will be constantly afraid of being detained the next time they go to the authorities," Duchrow said. Amnesty also fears that it could lower the threshold for imprisonment. Who lives in poor circumstances… The churches, as well as the Green Party, are particularly critical of the fact that, according to the draft, spouses will only be allowed to join their German partners from abroad in the future if they already have a basic knowledge of German. This regulation discriminates against socially weaker people in particular, said Green Party politician Winkler. Especially in poor areas it is often difficult or impossible to attend German courses. And "those who live in poor circumstances can hardly afford the trip to the nearest Goethe Institute. Some may even lack the money for a simple language course," Winkler emphasized.The churches see "the fundamental rights of both spouses" from Article 6 of the Basic Law ("Marriage and family are under the special protection of the state order") as being violated by the demand for proof of language proficiency prior to entry. The government parties want this proof, in order to work so against forced marriages and to help the women to more security in Germany."If a woman has at least basic language skills, she has at least a rudimentary option to get help in an emergency. What good is it if we set up hotlines but the women can't communicate?", said CDU politician Michaela Noll. On the other hand, the Greens and the churches are proposing to provide even more intensive support for immigrant spouses after their arrival in Germany. Winkler emphasized: "It is not the case that the courses offered are not accepted, on the contrary! The demand is greater than the supply.

"Crucial omission In the fight against forced marriages, he accuses the government of a decisive omission: "If foreign women living in Germany with a permanent right of residence are forcibly married during a vacation, they lose the right to return after six months. The government leaves the victims alone. This proves how little seriously she takes victim protection here," Winkler said. This is also true when dealing with victims of human trafficking. These people do not receive sufficient therapeutic treatment in Germany, although the EU directives explicitly provide for it."Greens and churches also agree on the demand that the so-called EU Qualification Directive must be fully implemented in German law. It must be ensured, for example, that people who are persecuted because of their sexual identity or public religious activity are recognized as refugees.

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