Views on “marriage for all” and abortion

Views on 'marriage for all' and abortion

The papal palace in Avignon, France. © Alexander Brueggemann (KNA)

A homily by the archbishop of Avignon on bioethical ies is causing an uproar in France. Thus, Jean-Pierre Cattenoz has said that it may well be that marriage exists for all, but it will never be more than a friendship.

The radio station France Culture has now addressed a letter to the French Bishops' Conference, the French newspaper "La Croix" reported on Tuesday. In the letter, the radio station calls for respect for values such as tolerance and non-discrimination.

As part of the Avignon Festival in the south of France, on 15. July, Cattenoz's homily was broadcast over the France Culture radio station. In it, he said, for example, that he had never met homosexual, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) people. He only sees people with the "richness of their femininity and their masculinity".

"Abortion is the most heinous crime"

In addition, the archbishop recalled in his homily the words of Pope John Paul II.: "Abortion is the most heinous crime because the victim does not even have the opportunity to cry out."

Before the festival, the archbishop had canceled a campaign by the church to do so. Festival director Olivier Py, also a Catholic, said Cattenoz wanted to attract the approval of the far right. "In the Church there are men and women who are very open, and have a desire for dialogue with different opinions," Py.

The radio station France Culture received many viewers' letters after the transmission of the homily. As a result, the station decided to address the French Bishops' Conference.

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