Us election: democrats also reach for power in senate

If you believe the man around whom everything invariably revolves in this election campaign, things look reasonably bad for his party, the Republicans, to keep its pants on in the Washington Senate.

"Very difficult," U.S. media quote from internal conversations Donald Trump's With confidants and donors, it will be for leaders Mitch McConnell, preserving the conservative majority in the second chamber of Congress – and thus a crucial tool in the structure of power and government.

Only there does legislation really take effect, whether on immigration, health care or climate change. Only there judges (see just Amy Coney Barrett), generals and cabinet members receive the parliamentary Tuv badge. That's the only place where the most important thing is ultimately decided – money.

U.S. election: Democrats struggle to win Senate majority

Currently, the Republicans 53 of the 100 seats. The Democratic opposition, counting the two most-voting independents, Bernie Sanders and Angus King, comes to 47 seats. Each state, regardless of size or population, sends two senators to Washington for six years at a time. Wyoming, which has comparatively few people, thus has 580.000 inhabitants the same number of representatives in the capital as California, where 40 million people live.

Parallel to the election between Trump and Joe Biden for the White House, this time 35 senators will have to stand for election on Tuesday. At the same time, 12 out of 23 posts are shaky for Republicans, while only 2 out of 12 for Democrats.

How many additional seats Democrats need in the Senate

If Joe Biden picks up the White House, three additional seats gained will be enough for Democrats to take the helm arithmetically. For in 50-50 standoff, Biden's running mate Kamala Harris would tip the scales as Senate president.

If Biden loses, Democrats would have to wrest four seats from the opposing party. That neither scenario is out of the question is shown by analyses conducted by the consulting service FiveThirtyEight and the Cook Report, which specializes in congressional. Both see between five and seven seats previously held by conservatives in acute jeopardy.

What a Democratic Senate majority would mean for President Trump

If the change were to occur and if, as is amed to be certain, the 435-member House of Representatives were to remain firmly in Democratic hands (currently 232 representatives), Donald Trump would have to endure two years of fundamental opposition until the 2022 midterm election if he wins. His governmental projects in a second term remained, with few exceptions, condemned to a standstill.

If Biden makes the race, Democrats would be able to govern as one between Congress and the White House. Big projects like a Health insurance reform, of tax architecture or environmental and energy legislation, all ies shredded by Trump, could be implemented undisturbed until the 2022 "midterms". Republicans went through a valley of tears for 24 months. Read the analysis here:
President Joe Biden? How it would change U.S. politics

Senate Elections: Will there be a changing of the guard in Arizona and Colorado?

The best cards for a changing of the guard are in Arizona and Colorado. In the southern state, former Nasa astronaut Mark Kelly has left Republican incumbent Martha McSally far behind in polls. Similarly, in Colorado, former Gov. John Hickenlooper leads by a wide margin over incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. Gardner like McSally seen as mortgage in latently Trump-hostile voter environment.

Democrats are also competitive in Maine, where Republican incumbent Susan Collins is being squeezed by Sara Gideon. In Georgia, Where incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue would have to stretch against the eloquent, black pastor Raphael Warnock and Jon Osoff. In Montana, where Steve Bullock could prevail against Conservative Steven Daines. In Iowa, Where Trump confidant Joni Ernst faces off against Theresa Greenfield. Also in North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis is suffering from his pronounced Trump love affair, even though his Democratic opponent Cal Cunningham has a sex scandal on his hands. In Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan has been a vocal critic in Dr. Al Gross (a nonpartisan) a likely contender. Read here:
Chaos, lawsuits, incumbency: what could happen in the U.S

Senate seat of Trump friend Lindsey Graham in jeopardy

For purely financial reasons alone, the most exciting duel in South Carolina from. Lindsey Graham, powerful Judiciary Committee chairman and Trump's regular golfing buddy, has the crook of the challengers against him in Jaime Harrison. The young African-American raked in nearly $57 million in campaign contributions in the month of September – an American record in a Senate race. Graham, only slightly favored in polls, called on his supporters to reach into their wallets in a Fox News broadcast, saying, "Help, I'm being run over."

If Graham went down, a sensation would be perfect. In contrast, the situation in Alabama looks like it will be a one-off for Democrat Doug Jones. Former football coach Tommy Tubberville likely to score touchdown for Republicans.

What Biden might do if Democrats win the Senate

In the event of a Democratic sweep, revolutionary changes are also conceivable, subject to the approval of a president named Joe Biden. For example, Puerto Rico, which belongs to America but is politically impotent, and the capital district of Washington DC could be declared proper states. Consequence: four additional senators; given past voting behavior, likely Democrats.

Reaching even further would be demands that have grown more tepid on the left of the Democratic spectrum since Republicans mercilessly catapulted arch-conservative Justice Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Which resulted in a conservative 6-3 majority. Which in turn could be ideologically offset by increasing the bench from nine to eleven or twelve members.

Away from the congressional elections, America also votes Tuesday for several governors, state congresses, mayors and police chiefs. Among the usual referendums, a controversial drug policy measure sticks on the ballot in the nation's capital. The use of hallucinogenic mushrooms (magic mushrooms) should no longer be punished.

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