United in prayer

United in prayer

Three women demonstrate on 4. September 2020 in Frankfurt in front of the entrance to the Dominican monastery © Bert Bostelmann (KNA)

Before the start of a regional conference of the Synodal Way, the Catholic Women's Community of Germany has called for a renewal of the church. To this end, they prayed for all those who are working for the opening of ordained ministry to women.

On Friday morning, about a dozen kfd members from different dioceses prayed in front of the conference hotel in Dortmund, among others, for all those who advocated for the opening of ordination offices for women. "We pray for all those who are disappointed in the church," the group also said. Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers of Essen also participated in the prayer.

Discuss Voderholzer criticism internally

Referring to Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer's criticism of a preparatory paper from a Synodical Way forum dealing with women in the church, kfd deputy national chairwoman Agnes Wuckelt said, "This is an internal matter that we need to discuss. The substantive ies, such as biblical interpretation or biblical emphases, are something we may be able to address here at this gathering."

Voderholzer had complained in an open letter that parts of the text had been published which the Forum had not yet discussed. He himself, as a member of the forum, had not been included. In addition, the text "lacks any theological level". The paper says, among other things, that Jesus had disciples and did not ordain anyone. From this, demands for the position of women in the church were derived.

Regional conferences spread over five locations

The regional conferences are the second meeting of all participants of the Synodal Way. Because of the Corona pandemic, their meeting is spread over five locations.

In the Synodal Way reform dialogue, the German Catholic bishops and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) want to discuss the future of church life in Germany. One goal is to regain trust lost after abuse scandal. Reform dialogue focuses on sexual morality, priestly lifestyle, power and separation of powers, and the role of women in the church.

The initiative, which has never existed in this form in the Catholic Church, was originally planned for two years. Supreme body is the synodal assembly. It has 230 members, who are supposed to represent the widest possible range of church life.

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