Ukraine wants to judge after the incident at the strain of kerksch’s war right

Ukraine wants to judge after the incident at the Strain of Kerksch's war right

The strain of Certzsch combines the Asowsche with the Black Sea. map. Tentot. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Russia calls a meeting of the UN Security Council

Yesterday Sunday, there was an incident in the strait of Kersch, which is between the eastern tip of the peninsula of Crimea and the Russian mainland, which now also coincides NATO, the EU and the UN: Ukraine accuses Russia, in this incident Two smaller Ukrainian warships and a Ukrainian tractor shot, with six Ukrainian soldiers being injured. Anton Lozovoy from the border management directorium of the Russian domestic intelligence company FSB speaks, on the other hand, only three injured Ukrainian soldiers who were currently being medically supplied and were not in mortal danger.

The three Ukrainian ships Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu were stopped his details by the use of weapons and escorted to the Russian port Kertsch, because against the Articles 19 and 21 of the United Neight Convention on Russian sovereign wingers were found and prompts that let it go with "Danger manovals" had reacted. Articles 19 and 21 rules the passage through straits such as the strain of Kerch and contain a variety of legal bases with which a passage will be banning. What exactly accused of the Ukrainian ships is so far open. It is possible that it has been a conscious provocation with which the capital wanted to make clear or should that Kiev still claim to the Crimea.

Relationship with weather or Brucke?

On the other hand, the Strain of Kersch, which must pass through ships from the Ukrainian port Mariupol to reach other seas, locked yesterday. Russian media "Security", to which you do not make any more approaching. Today it is the assorted to attack again. Auber a connection with the weather, which made in the past rather in the winter months for an unfeelable, as a result of the safety of the safety, is also conceivable with the bridge on the strait in May (cf. Brucke between Russian heartland and Crimea open).

This good 19 kilometers long, 35 meters high and provided with a shut-off fence and lighting inside the peninsula connects the Crimea peninsula (which after your losing of Ukraine on 18. Marz 2014 was added to the Russian Federation) with the Krasnodar region and thus with the Russian core country. This facilitates the transport of persons and goods that were dependent on a blockade by Ukraine for years on driving and planes. Already three years before a new high voltage line between the Russian peninsula Taman and the Crimea has been put into operation. In addition to a lower sea connection, 100 kilometers of above-ground high voltage lines were built (cf). Russia takes underwater cable to the Crimea in operation).

Poroshenko: Law should "Defense", but no "Declaration of war" be

The Ukrainian State President Petro Poroshenko appointed the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine last night, which decided to propose to Parliament today that for the time being 60 days to promote martial law on Ukraine. That, so poroshenko, be one "Defense", But you do not like "Declaration of war" misunderstand thirst.

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin does not believe Poroshenko, and instead ames that "Election campaign" As a background: in Kiev, both the prasident and Parliament are newly championed in the next year. In history, politicians came in such elections, which were not so successful domestically, threats from submerged sometimes right. Well-known examples of the Falkland War, for the Margaret Thatcher had to be grateful to the Argentine militars, and the or flood that rescued the German SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schroder of Czech Republic from the re-election.

Nato so far rather backing up

In addition to this public courage, Russia has convened the UN Security Council an urgent meeting, which should begin today on the late afternoon. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pawlo Klimkin turned the media to the media "Western composite" his country he raised, "oppose the aggression of Russia".

The reaction of NATO on it was a call too "Backment and deescalation" and a request to Russia, "in accordance with international law ensure unobstructed access to Ukrainian harbor in the Asovian Sea". The same demand also called for the EU Commissioner Maja Kocijanic in Brussel, which invested beyond, the EU values continue to receive the Crimea in the Russian Federation as illegal.

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