Top carnival hit comes from the castle singers

Top carnival hit comes from the castle singers

"Easy, easy at the Oker, where we live happily, let's lift one. Munter, munter at the Schunter runs down the throat noble prince's brew."With these lines, the Braunschweig castle singers have made it to first place. More than 900 votes fell in the online vote of our newspaper on the sextet of the Brunswick Carnival Society of 1872 (BKG).

The group is part of the project "Elf Lieder", initiated by the Braunschweig designer Robert Glogowski. With four friends and musician and producer Jan-Heie Erchinger, he has released a CD with eleven Braunschweig carnival hits for the second time.

In second place in the favor of our readers and listeners came the Braunschweig buccaneers. The duo De Lattcher (Tony Pop and Fritz Koster), El Commandante and the singer Marina from Bavaria will follow, each with the same number of voices.

The castle singers will perform at the Radio 38 carnival party at the Fourside Hotel in the Welfenhof on Sunday at 6 p.m. (start 3 p.m.). Last year's winning band, "Braunschweig Pension," sings at Sunday's Schoduvel on the "Elf-Lieder-Wagen" (Eleven Songs Float).

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