Time for files

Time for files

Italian Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati faces accusations of covering up abuse cases of Catholic priests. His hearing has now been postponed – to allow more time for file study.

The hearing of Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati by Chilean prosecutors scheduled for this Tuesday has been postponed, according to the CNN network. Prosecutor Emiliano Arias had followed a request from the lawyer for the archbishop of Santiago, it said. He had requested more time to study files in defense of his client.

Several clerics accused as accomplices

Ezzati accused of covering up abuse cases of Catholic priests. The Italian native maintains his innocence. He had never obstructed justice or covered up cases.

The abuse scandal in Chile has been making headlines for months. The focus is on Fernando Karadima, now 88, a priest who was convicted of sexual offenses in 2011. From his circle emerged several high-ranking clergy accused of complicity.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis accepted five requests for resignation from Chilean bishops. Most recently, Cardinals Ezzati (76) and Francisco Errazuriz (84) have also come under criticism.

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