They booed the vicar general

They booed the vicar general

Mary 2.0 in Munster: Andrea Temming (kfd), Adelheid Kellinghaus (Maria 2.0), Lisa Kotter (Maria 2.0), Judith Everding (kfd) © Andrea Niemann (private)

On Saturday, a good 600 women protested in Munster for more equality in the Catholic Church. When the deputy vicar general of the diocese of Munster asked them for patience, he was interrupted with whistles.

As the "Westfalische Nachrichten" reported on its website, the protest procession initially moved from the Lamberti Church to the bishop's residence on Cathedral Square. There the deputy vicar general of the diocese of Munster, Jochen Reidegeld, had faced the demonstrators.

Vicar general's speech met with boos

Reidegeld reportedly stressed that there were demands that should be implemented quickly – but that this did not apply to the ies of "diaconate for women" and "priesthood for women". Some of those present would have acknowledged this with boos and whistles. Chants had called on the church to "take action". The final rally took place at the Lamberti Church.

Starting from the diocese of Munster, the initiative Maria 2, founded in May, had.0 supporters found nationwide. They demand equal rights and a comprehensive review of the cases of sexual violence in the church. In mid-May, a week-long "church strike" made headlines and prompted discussions. The initiators called for no churchgoing for a week and for voluntary services to be suspended.

Separate forum for women in the church

On Friday, the German Bishops' Conference and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) announced that a special forum on "Women in Church Ministries and Offices" would be set up in preparation for the planned dialogue on reform within the Church. The Osnabruck Bishop Franz-Josef Bode took the lead.

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