“The women were not helped”

The CDU/CSU and FDP are currently discussing the course of their future government. The topic of prostitution does not seem to play a role – but it urgently needs to be on the agenda, demands Sister Lea Ackermann. In the this site interview, the SOLWODI founder talks about past political failures and the consequences, such as flat-rate brothels. "Women are reified here."

this site: Recently, flat-rate brothels have been making headlines…
Ackermann: It is so outrageous that I can hardly find words. In a brothel, food and drink are offered as much as you can – and women as many as you want to have. And one can do with them, which wants man. During the day for 70 Euro, in the evening for 100 Euro. It's so outrageous because women are being reified just like food and drink. And there is no more respect at all for this person who has to be of service here, as. This is a crime against humanity. These flat-rate brothels show once again how women are objectified.
this site: They want something to be changed by law. What does the law say right now?
Ackermann: In 2002, it was thought that a law had been created that would help the women, and that it would also help that the victims of human trafficking – that is, the women who are forced into this trade – could be let out more easily. This law has brought nothing, on the contrary. It has only brought advantages for brothel owners, pimps and traffickers and smugglers, who could now switch to "wellness brothels", to more elegantly run brothels, etc. But the women were really not helped.
this site: How the law must change now?
Ackermann: Trafficking in women and children is a crime of unimagined proportions. And it is hardly noticed and hardly fought against. The Swedes, for example, say we can only get closer to this if we ban the demand for prostitution. D.h. The johns have to think about their relationship to the opposite sex. Now, of course, you can't get everything under control with a ban – I know that, too. We have tried it differently in Germany, we have legalized everything. We have said that prostitution is a profession like any other. But it is not. If there are really women who say, I do this completely voluntarily, I have chosen this way, then one should not be able to bully these women in any way and profit from them. No third party should be able to benefit, we demand. Listen to the conversation in full hereTo the pers Lea Ackermann, since 1960 member of the order of the "White Sisters" in Trier, had founded "Solwodi" ("Solidarity with women in distress") in 1985 in Kenya as an exit project for women and girls from slum prostitution. Since 1988, the organization, based in Boppard, with 42 permanently employed women in twelve counseling centers and seven shelters, has also been active in Germany.

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